teh vs. het vs. hte vs. eth

What’s your favorite the typo? What’s you’re favoritte typo in general, and does ‘tyop’ annoy you?

I’m a fan of teh, mostly because one froupie used it more than the, and thus reflected it in their username. Hi (teh tie poe)!

teh is a common one for me, and so it yse.

My personal torment is the two-word combination of “to the”. In most instances it comes out as “tot he”.

I’m fond of throught since it could be through, thought, or though.

Teh should be made an honorary word, it gets used enough, and for some strange reason it just looks like a real word.

Tyop doesn’t annoy me, because I usually mistype typo as ytop. That annoys me.

I like the last word in this sentence myslef.

I’m with you, although it is not limited to any specific phrase.
It seems lately that allm y typo shave been comin gbecasue I can’t see mto get space sin the righ tplaces.

Myslef and teh both seem to be on the verge of word status, like pron and haxor.

I suppose a whole new thread might be “What’s the next new word to get into the dictionary?”.

“Just” always seems to come out “jsut” for me.

I have a thing for typos, particualry the word particualry.

Slef and teh seem to be my favorites.

hte happens alot, as does Fiaht (my name when I’m typing too fast) :stuck_out_tongue:

Teh… teh… teh!!! I HATE TEH!!!

[sub]And “iton” for words ending in “tion” annoys me too.[/sub]

For me, my worst typos are:

Out/Put and vice versa (and the spell checker won’t catch these, of course)
Thw/The (I do this more often than I do “teh”.)
Doesn;t (or any “…n’t” word)

I have done most or all of these several times before, but the one I do that irritates me more than any is any word ending in “-ing” coming out as “-ign.” There’s jsut somethign abotu tyops that annoy me - mayeb it’s becuase I;m a perfectionsit when it comes to my own typing.

There are also times when I apparently don’t make contact with a key like I thought I did and I leave out a letter. ut that’s another story altogether…


I’ve been writing “laywer” instead of “lawyer” for the past few weeks now.

I’m dreading my bar application next year. “I am qualified to be a laywer because…”

Typing “nad” instead of “and” is very common for me.

And after it happens, my immaturity kicks in and I giggle before I correct it. :slight_smile:


Mine are “go tit” for “got it”, “becasue” for “because” and, of course, teh.

This thread is a complete inslut.


As a copyeditor, I find myself referring to chpaters waaaay too often. I’m also frequently guilty of teh and throught.

(Yes, I went back to remove the typos in this post)

Mine is hopsital for hospital. I had to do a ten-page report once for a college class on how the infrastructure at our local hopsi–er, hospital–needed improvement. Drove me nuts. :smiley:

I’ve read stories entitled “Teh ___________” because the history behind the story involved typos.

And then, of course, there’s typo mna the SDMB poster.