So anyone here watch/like Big Bang Theory? I just started....oh, who am I kidding?

I know there’s tons of fans of this show on here, I’ve been seeing a weekly thread that gets the most amount of replies that I’ve ever seen a sitcom get for a long time now.

I’m almost at the end of season one after starting it last week. It’s hilarious and I’m loving it. I laugh out loud many times per episode.

So I guess what I’m really asking is, without spoiling anything huge…does it stay at this level of funny or eventually fizz out?

I thought it started to go downhill at the end of season 4 and kind of stunk up the room in season 5, though it picked up a lot in season 6…at which point, we no longer had cable, so I couldn’t watch it for a while, and haven’t gotten back into it, since.

People here get very upset with story arc continuity, or consistency in character, even though it’s a sitcom which is an art form notorious for not giving a crap about that and just going for the easy laugh wherever it can squeeze one in. So if that matters to you, you may see some variability in the quality.

But I still watch it and enjoy about 75% of each season, and it’s the most popular sitcom in the world right now, so you’ll probably like it just fine. If anything, binge-watching may smooth a lot of those faults over for you, as you can just roll into the next episode without sweating the small stuff.

When the two girlfriends appear, the show gets a great boost in complexity and hits its stride. But it can’t stay on that high forever, realistically it’s probably waning about now, as it nears the end of its ninth season.

Nobody watches it anymore, it’s too popular.

Seriously, it has it’s ups and downs like any show, but IMHO is still one of the better sitcoms out there. And of course, reading the threads the next day where the usual suspects show up to decry how terrible it’s gotten, but who still continue to watch it, only adds to the enjoyment.

Pfft. Johnny-come-latelies. I hated it from the very beginning.

I thought it was on CBS?

I just checked the episode list on IMDb and yeah, the first real fall-off in quality is after season 4. Then the dud episodes start. By season 7 the duds start coming in quite thick. And now it’s almost all duds.

Idle Thoughts, don’t get too attached to Leslie Winkle.

In other words, when “the girls” joined the regular cast.

You’ll see a difference in story lines when Amy and Bernadette come in, and while the Leonard-Penny-Sheldon dynamic is still the heart of the show, it won’t be as prominent as in the early seasons. Whether you think that diminishes the humor is up to you.

It depends where Kamino lives. In some remote areas, even the original big three networks do not come in very well if you rely on an antenna.

I tried watching and found it mediocre. Like they’re trying too hard for a geeky, California version of “Friends”.

It’s kinda silly. It’s kinda stupid. I kinda like it. Shrug

I liked it a lot, but the Sheldon shtick got old, the nerds got more girls than I ever did, and Penny cut her hair.

The early seasons are great. The later ones are mediocre, with a few great episodes sprinkled in. The one with James Earl Jones may be the best episode of the entire series…

I envy Idle Thoughts, seeing the eps for the first time. I wish I could wipe my brain and start again . . . especially the first few seasons, which I didn’t see in order.

Pfffft. I’ve hated it since Roseanne.
If you like the type of humour that you’ve already seen in season 1 then you’ll like it through-out. It’s pretty consistent in that way.

I don’t remember when they introduced Stuart but he’s a good addition to the cast. As is Kripke and the girls. The Shamey was a bit of a downer at first but they pick up and get loads better. Bernie has been solid quality entertainment from the get go.

As always some episodes are good and some are meh but over-all if you like what you saw is season 1 you’ll like what comes later.

They do eventually explain what happened to the elevator. It’s a great episode.
“Are you a sex criminal?” -Howards mom.

Once Priya got eaten by alligators it got a lot better.

Oh, I’m not that remote, just a bad area for OTA reception. I can get one CTV channel, if I’m lucky, and willing to put up with a lot of snow.

And I like Bernie and Amy…it was the Leonard/Priya/Penny arc over those seasons that turned me off.

Oh, a “brain-wipe” viewing of the show would be a great idea!

Yeah, and as a scientist myself, I really hate the tired trope of the socially inept scientific folks. I can see it’s appeal, but never worked for me.