So based on today.......

It’s a blessing, really, to have so many keyboard warriors. It’s an emotional safety valve for feelings that, if bottled up, can erupt in unhealthy (for society and the individuals) ways.

I’m giving you straight up answers. I will fight and die to defend people who are being attacked. You want meet up in real life say the word and I’ll give you my name and address and phone number. My name is actually mike G, who’s the tough guy hiding behind a fake user name?

I will have to agree with MikeG here, he did give a straight answer. Even the conditional he gave there is hard to miss.

What about “If I see any nazis in Chicago I will for damn sure confront them as forcefully as I can.”? Aren’t you the least bit curious what he plans to do when he ‘sees a Nazi in Chicago’, particularly one that’s not attacking anyone?

I give up. What “went on today”?

I will confront them and tell them what I think of their despicable views. I do not attack people without provocation. You are thinking of the nazis. I wonder why your idea of what people would do in a given situation and their ideas are so congruent. You want me to condemn all violence? Not going to happen. Violence is an acceptable response to violence.

I think I’m being pretty fucking clear. It’s obvious you have some agenda you are trying to advance. Why not stop hiding behind your fake name and keyboard and tell us what you really think.

Never mind. I’ve pieced it together from the other threads. A bit of context would have been nice though, we aren’t all from the USA.

What part of “forcefully as I can” is not clear to you? Perhaps English is not your first language. Tell me what is and I’ll put up a translation.

Hint “as I can” means what I am allowed to do. Unprovoked violence is not allowed so obviously that is not part of my response.

Based on his latest reply, he would indeed yell at them for being stupid, but not do any harm to them, provided that they are not attacking counter protesters.

Of course, the issue here is that indeed they did attack someone so your sorry attempt at getting some gotcha here is just sorry indeed.

We all should stop talking as if on this item “both sides are doing it”.

I asked you this directly in post #5. Why didn’t you supply this answer back then?

I did answer you directly as both myself and others have noted. You are being deliberately obtuse. To what end I shall not speculate for this is not the proper forum in which to give you the response you deserve. So “ditka” you wanna meet in Chicago and explain what you’re trying to defend here? Although I’ll wager a considerable sum you are hiding behind a fake name and are not in fact related to the noted Chicago coach.

WTF are you talking about? Both sides ARE doing it. What do you think the Scalise shooting was?

I don’t want to go anywhere near Chicago, ever. It’s practically a life goal for me.

Didn’t think so. Typical.

I wish people would take that stance for the gang violence plaguing that city.


All sides did condemn that shooting, that had more to do with madness, not a movement. In any case, you are indeed doing it. This case does not, as far as I know, deserve to be twisted as a BSADI example because in this case they are the groups that should had been shunned a long time ago.

I do. I’ve called the cops and stayed to make reports when I see stuff. Again, because some people have severe comprehension problems, I do not and will not initiate violence. I have however stepped in and stopped a person from being assaulted at my own personal risk.

Thankfully I live in a part of Chicago that is remarkably safe and free from violent crime.

What makes you think that that is not the case?
I see that MikeG already did show how asinine was that point from octopus.

And more to the point, there are groups of people in those affected communities who are standing up to violence, trying to address the systemic problems that are at the root of the economic issues which have resulted in large groups of young men being forced into gangs. Every day people are risking their lives to make a better community but you won’t hear about that because if it don’t bleed it don’t lead.
Plus it goes against the racists self comforting narrative.

It’s one am I’m on vacation and I’m done with this. ive gotten muddy and the pigs enjoyed it.