So based on today.......

My neighbor was watching what went on today and wondered which side was going to pull an okc type of bombing on the other (or do it themselves against fed and blame the other side ) and possibly start a second civil war

I said I hope it didn’t come to that but shes doubtful about how things are going …

Is it possible that we wont have to worry about north korea since well by killing each other from the inside in the next 2-4 years ?

I don’t think we’re anywhere near anything more than a few nuts on the fringes commiting acts of violence. Ponder for a moment what it would take for you personally to take up arms against your neighbors. Speaking for myself, we’re nowhere near that sort of dystopia.

I’m pretty close. If I see any nazis in Chicago I will for damn sure confront them as forcefully as I can. Not in my city.

I hate Illinois Nazis…

“as forcefully as I can” could mean lots of things to lots of people. Are you going to post up on a rooftop and fire into their rally? Run them over with your car? Or something more like paint your own sign and counter-protest?

So when you say Nazi, do you mean card carrying members of the National Socialist White Peoples Party or the Traditionalist Workers Party? Or do you mean just anybody who voted for Trump?

Nazism was borne of this mentality. Except it was “Patriots” fighting “Communists” in the streets of Berlin. Force is not the answer.

I agree. Things were worse at many times in the past; to put things in perspective, for instance, there were the riots of the 60s. In the Watts riots (1965), 30,000 fought police, leaving 34 people dead, 1000 injured, and 4000 arrested. The 60s saw a wave of high-profile assassinations; after that of Martin Luther King in 1968, 125 cities broke out in riots. This is (so far) small potatoes compared to that.

So far. The problem is that things are moving in the wrong direction, and that should be a concern. White supremacy and nativism is on the rise, emboldened by the antics of the current president who these factions so overtly support, who is also appallingly tolerant of it for obvious political reasons. In today’s speech he completely failed to call out the white supremacists and stooped so low as to try to blame “many sides” for a problem that “has been with us a long time”. Pretty much “nothing to see here, what’s everybody so excited about?”


So you’re actually advocating violence?

I’m advocating defense against racist aggressors.

Even if they are just peacefully marching?

That’s the problem, isn’t it. They’re hateful people so it’s ok to shoot them or kick them in the backside or use pepper spray on them? And when they say the same thing about you, what then? All you have is war.

It’s tough to be one of the good guys. Not everyone has what it takes.

How are you going to “confront” them? With violence? Yes, or no?

Running down and murdering people isn’t peaceful. Americans got together 72 years ago to kill the nazis threatening our country. We can do it again.

Somehow it was funnier when Henry Gibson went over the side… :slight_smile:

I assume you are too young to remember the sixties?
Wash, lather, and repeat.

Society was completely falling apart.
Violent riots, not just on campuses but also at the Democratic Party’s national convention–questioning the very basis of our constitutional democratic procedures,
Thousands of rioters, all over the country, proudly calling the police “pigs”, refusing to recognize the legitimacy of our legal system.

And I sure as fuck won’t back down from a war if backing down means allowing blacks, Jews, asians, hispanics, lgbtq, and all the other minorities that make up this country be attacked.

I’d rather die here in Chicago fighting that than in Iraq so Cheney can slide a few billion to his buddies at Halliburton.

So you are willing to use violence?

To defend people? Of course. You ever see handwringing stop a bullet?

I don’t think you’ll get a straight answer out if him. He’s too busy playing coy and acting like an internet tough guy.