So, Besides a War in Iraq. . . .

What kinds of things will $200 + billion get you? I’m not interested in “multiples” like a 15 room mansion for every American (for example), but “single ticket” items, such as rebuilding the Gulf coast (est. cost $200 billion), manned missions to Mars (again est. cost $200 billion), etc. I don’t think that there’s a factual answer to this, since many folks will take issue with the estimates of how much some projects will cost.

I’m sure that there’s probably a lot of things we could be doing with the money which would be of greater benefit to us.

200 billion? The payroll for the Yankees.

Here you go … .

Depressing, isn’t it?

A fleet of supersonic airliners would be nice.

At one point in The End of Poverty, Jeffrey Sachs uses the figure $195 billion as the cost of a series of programs that would eliminate poverty throughout the world by 2015. I suppose you could spend the extra five billion on the paperwork.

A single golfball. If you contract me to make it.

About eighty dollars for each of 25 million Iraqis. About eight dollars for each of 150 million Americans.

That’s two billion and 1.2 billion dollars, respectively. Do the rest of us get the remainder?

Decimal places are awkward things.

So we are talking $8,000 per Iraqi. Sorry.