So Brietbart news

As it is apparently a more reliable indicator of US opinions and trends than the NYT Dy and others plus now it’s former boss is going to have the next President’s ear, I thought I would look it up. It’s weird. Pages after pages of OP EDs by people I have never heard off. And no coherence as to editorial slant. Free Trade bad. FreeTrade very good. Mexicans rapists. Family Values. Feminism bad. Jews are very bad but support Israel. Contradicting itself sometimes in the same paragraph.

So what is it?

A far, far, far right “news outlet” that has zero concern for truth. Or as you mention, consistency. A haven for every awful right wing ideology and conspiracy theory you’ve heard of. Like Infowars, but with less silliness and more malice.

Another forum I’m on considers it so bad they’ll issue infractions against users who try citing it; the only “news” site they do that for. It’s the bottom of the barrel.

PM me that site, it sounds like a good alternative for when I finally snap and get banned for saying mean things to people who voted for and support Cheetoh Mussolini.

Sounds like an openminded bunch. Amazing the left was blindsided this November.

I’m unfamiliar with Breitbart, but I fail to see the harm in having opposing views published on the same site.

Also, can you give a detailed cite to an article that actually says all Mexicans are rapist for example? Nobody should take such blanket condemnations at face value.

It’s the alt-right news. And, yes, it posted a bunch of fake stories throughout the election. Since Fox was ambivalent on Trump, Trump supporters turned to Breitbart instead.

While there were a bunch of fake news websites, Breitbart basically took all their stories and ran with them. They had the stories about Clinton’s health, as well as pretty much every other fake scandal throughout the election, as well as keeping the “real” scandals front and center the entire time, even when they were losing steam elsewhere.

Reading it is not so good for news as it is for understanding the diehard Trump supporter’s mindset. The barest veneer that is put on the racism and sexism to make it palatable.

Facebook could do a good job fixing their news algorithm by checking any story against them, and then removing the story if it’s there. It is tabloid trash, but Fox was ambivalent about Trump, so die hard supporters moved elsewhere.

Hence the whole bubble or echo chamber narrative this election. Breitbart and Facebook are the newcomers. We just kinda have to pretend that the left all goes to left-only sites to be politically correct and not offend these guys.

One look at readers’ comments was enough to insure that I will never visit that website again.

Feel free to say mean things to me to get banned. I won’t take it personally.

And everyone is right. Brietbart is a worse news site than and

Never been to Britebart, but just because *you *have never heard of the OP Ed writers, does this mean you think less of their opinions? Because you may disagree with their take on current events, they are somehow wrong headed?

Articles which contain opinions stating “Free Trade bad” and other opinions stating “Free Trade very good” sounds like the writers are trying to present both sides. Is this a bad thing?

Britebart sounds like a "far, far, far Right “news” outlet for the AltRight, just as is a “news” outlet for the far, far, far Left. The AltLeft has just as many wacky websites as the AltRight. Neither side gets its right very often, if ever, but this is what Free Speech and the First Amendment are all about.

There’s nothing wrong with opposing views. There is something wrong with taking items that are easily proved false, or that have been proven false, and screaming over and over again “This is true!!1!”
As for Mexicans and rapists, here’s what Breitbart said in October 2015.

And what they said this October