So Cal dopers - dopefest/Endeavour viewing party?

So on or about Oct 13, the shuttle Endeavour will travel from LAX to it’s new home at the California Science Center near downtown LA. :cool:
Needless to say this is a once and a lifetime chance to see the shuttle as it moves through the LA streets. I going, I will lose some sleep, but hell I can sleep when I’m dead.
So anybody else up for a combo dopefest/shuttle viewing party?
If there is interest I will put it together.
So who wants to lose sleep with me?

I unfortunately already have plans for the 13th.

I haven’t seen the actual schedule, I think it might take two nights, so the 14th is also possible.
stay tuned.

I will be on a plane from Orlando to Vegas that day, returning from my family trip.

I reckon that would be interesting, although i’m not sure that i’d be willing to drive up from San Diego to see it on the back of a truck.

It was flown over the Bay Area last Friday, and a guy i know snapped this picture from McLaren Park in San Francisco.

I would be there if it wasn’t for the stupid Pacific Ocean. :stuck_out_tongue:

Start paddling now? :smiley:
The tour bus is available for whenever you get here next.