So can an EBay seller do this??

I’ve sold one or two things over EBay before, and never tried to pull this on someone. I bought a pair of jeans over EBay, checked size, price and P&P. The P&P was slightly higher than I would have expected but acceptable. After buying I received an email from the seller saying he had adjusted the P&P for my location, and would offer recorded delivery at £1.50.
I know recorded delivery only costs £0.64 and he bumped up the P&P by £2 to a slightly unreasonable £8.50, when I know at most it would cost him £5 to send the item. Can he change around his posting and packaging costs this way? He’s posting from England to Northern Ireland which some English sellers have used as an excuse for lost or expensive postage in the past, from posting the other way round I know its nowhere near as expensive or awkward as he makes out. Can he dupe me like this :confused:


Nope - he can’t charge you any more than what he has stated either in the auction listing, or in an email to you prior to the auction ending.

If Recorded Delivery was never mentioned before, then it is entirely up to you whether to accept this additional expense.

He must ship the items to you at the stated UK shipping price - a surcharge for Northern Ireland is nonsensical.

If he fails to comply with this, you should leave him a well-deserved neg (and of course risk that “retaliatory neg” in response :mad:. Just be sure to make your feedback factual and level-headed).

Hmmm, I suppose I could suffer the pain of the extra recorded delivery charge. Pity I didn’t have time to enquire more before purchase but I was without a computer for many hours and only had time to place a bid and no more.
But bumping up the price just cos I live in Northern Ireland is a bit much, principle of the thing as much as anything else.

I suspect the seller in question is a moron, who simply looked up the postage to “Ireland”. If he’s offering rec. delivery, then he must be using Royal Mail - otherwise, I guess it could have been a parcel firm charging more for NI.