So could this have been anything except food poisoning? (tmi, natch)

Sunday evening I started throwing up. This lasted a couple of hours and several sessions, proceeding into dry heaves when everything was out of my upper GI tract. I took some phenergan, so that may have stopped the heaving (although I don’t think I got a full dose either).

The diarrhea started sometime before the heaving stopped, and continued through most of Monday.

This happened the previous weekend, as well. The only common event was eating at a particular restaurant, but rjk ate there at the same time both trips, and he didn’t have any problem at all.

FWIW, the first time I had scrambled eggs and a cinnamon roll, and the 2nd time I had scrambled eggs, a croissant, mushrooms, swiss cheese & hollandaise sauce (which I seriously doubt was made from fresh eggs). Water both times. Both times, rjk had scrambled eggs as well, but had different sides and coffee.

Is it possible that I had something else? rjk has an iron stomach? I got sick off of water?

There have been multiple times that my sensitive stomached husband has come down with what I suspect was food poisoning when all I got was a little rumbly in the tummy. Everyone’s immune system is different, yours in your gut may be more sensitive than his. A stomach flu went around a couple of years ago and he was attached to the toilet for a good two days, while I had one or two bouts of loose stool and it was over.

You might also be sensitive to one of the ingredients the restaurant is using to prepare the food, while rjk is not sensitive to that ingredient.

You’re not that lucky. Stop going back to that restaurant. Next time it could be more serious. People can die of food poisoning. I know you’d like to make your husband rich, but come on. This is not the way to go. I suspect the eggs, mostly because I’ve had that happen before with them. I only eat eggs when I can cook them.

Another alternative might be a food allergy, which can sometimes manifest itself as an upset stomach. Dweezil got hold of some mole sauce containing peanuts last year (due to ignorance on his and his father’s part; I knew about the peanut possibility but was not with them at the time) and the poor kid was nauseated for several hours until he finally hurled. As far as I know, he did not have the southbound express train going on (I did not ask, and he did not volunteer the info).

I’d suggest avoiding the place for a while, personally, either way.

Don’t worry, that restaurant is definitely off the list of places to eat, possibly for a long, long, long time. (I’m debating calling the health department, which is part of the reason I’m asking)

I thought that scrambled eggs would be pretty safe - this place doesn’t leave the eggs runny like some can.

Food allergy, hmmmm. One other commonality between the two days was eating macadamia nuts. If that’s it though, it’s a new allergy, since I wasn’t allergic to them when I bought them and ate the other half of the bag*.

*not all at once!