So, did anyone else actually have a good xmas/new year?

Contrary to the doom and gloom that appears to be pervading the boards right now (many people dumped etc), I wondered if anyone here actually enjoyed themselves…
I know I certainly did. Up to the Leeds for some serious Christmas drinking, then right down to Cornwall for the new year with friends.

I also start a new job in a couple of weeks, and the girl I split from 4 months ago wants to start going out drinking with the Paul again.

It doesn’t all have to be desperate this time of year kids, although I feel for the peeps that have been dumped.
Share the tales…

I also had a nice holiday – had a bunch of days off, did lots of socializing but also got in some quality down-time; there were no major bummers (given my family of origin, that’s worth mentioning); all three of my suitors were properly attentive. Turned 49, which sucks, but overall I’m in a pretty good mood.

I had a good Christmas, in spite of getting dumped - I’m not going to let some commitment phobic little ARSE ruin the festive season for me, not when it’s only time I get to see my family. New Year did suck though, as I had been supposed to spend it with the afore-mentioned ARSE and it was too late to make other plans.

Wish I’d known you were going to be in Cornwall though, paulbeserker. We could have had a micro-dope.

I had a pretty good Christmas, and fortunately I always do. I live close to my family and everyone gets along. I got some nice gifts and we had a nice dinner. I was off work for a week, which was a nice break as I got several things done around the house. New Year’s was pretty uneventful as it usually is, just another day off. I don’t have any significant other in my life to complicate matters.

I had a great Christmas/New Years. I did not think I would be having one seeing how my wife divorced me on November 3. I was feeling depressed but my sister confinced me to come visit in Lousiville, Ky with my 2 kids before Christmas and we had a blast. Then after getting back home I met a fantastic woman at a local bluegrass bar and spent a week learning how to date again, it had been 20 years since I had been on a date. She was in town visiting friends and family, but we spent a lot of time together. I miss her some now that she has gone back home, but she put me back on track for socializing and gave me a big confidence boost.

As another person who was “suddenly single” as of Thanksgiving, I must say I had a very nice Christmas with my siblings & their SOs and children. New Years was fabulous. I made plans with my other single friends & ended up hooking up with another “suddenly single” for some rebound booty that was quite smashing if I do say so myself. Plus he called the next day & we’re going out this week.

Christmas was awesome - I got to spend it with my sweetie’s extended family, which includes two young kids who were over the moon about presents and Santa. It was so great!

New Year’s was even better. I had to work, but at least I was with friends. And they played the “Killer Whale Tank” version of New Orleans Is Sinking on the radio. And it was my 1st anniversary with my sweetie. Good times!

Good times. I moved house, which is shitty, but I don’t much like Christmas anyway so it was nice to miss it.

Spent New Years Day with a friend who was abandoned by his girlfriend of ten years(after the wedding*), and my other friend whose father shot himself in the head for a reason which wasn’t apparent to anyone, and my other friend whose immigration papers finally arrived so he gets to be a Real Person instead of just a Visitor, all in 2003, so it’s looking like 2004 can only get better ! Yippee !

Happy anniversary, lola and amber!

Christmas: no good. My son was WAAAY too amped up (example: we let the 2 kids open 1 present each on X-mas eve: My daughter’s present was “better” than my son’s, so he ran off crying to his room), my parents were staying with us and have a VERY different life schedule (dinner for them MUST be at 6 PM; we eat at 8 or 9), and my father proceeded to mix cold medication with too much booze and proceeded to fall out of his chair, trash my bathroom and scare the crap out of us and his grandkids.
New Years; great. spent the night at a friends farm; another friend is a chef and catered it, saw lots of old friends including one back from Iraq, got plenty silly but not out of control.
All in all, a pretty mixed bag.

One of the best in many years.

We were (as usual) spread pretty thin, but my mom agreed to have her celebration on the 23rd so we managed. First we had the whole feast and present thing at her house, then the next evening was spent at my grandmother’s party, and then Christmas Eve night we stayed at my MIL’s house. She had a smaller party where my SIL and I did tequila shooters, which was a great bonding experience. :slight_smile: Christmas morning we opened more presents, and my 4-year-old loved what Santa brought her. After Christmas lunch we went to my husband’s grandmother’s house, which was a nice way to wrap it up. I feel lucky to have so much family still around.

Unfortunately on New Year’s Eve (AKA my 5 year anniversary) I came down with the flu, from which I’m still suffering. cough

Yes, I did. I had two long weekends and spent a lot of very nice time with family (his and mine). The kids big and small were really happy with their presents. We spent the weekend after Christmas playing with our new toys, and then they got to go on a trip with their dad for the New Year.

New Year’s was quiet since I was a little sick, but nothing earth-shattering. We had a nice long weekend to ourselves after that. Much better than last year, when I was trying to navigate on a broken leg and meeting much of his family for the first time. An uncomfortable combination.

Had one of the nicest holidays in recent memory. One interesting tidbit:

We went to my wife’s brother’s house Christmas Eve – big family party, lots of kids, gifts, and food. BIL and his wife have a Brazilian Au Pair, who arrived in early December. Au Pair asked to leave about dinner time, and SIL explained that part of the Au Pair experience is supposed to be some participation “family stuff”, and we were hoping she would stay for the party (everyone had brought gifts for her as well).

She explained that she had met another Au Pair on the plane from Sao Paulo (I’ll call her Au Pair 2). Au Pair 2 had been expecting to spend Christmas Eve with “her” family, but informed her at the last moment that they were going out for the evening and she wasn’t included in their plans, see ya later and Merry Christmas. The poor girl is in her early twenties, half a world away from home, on Christmas Eve, so Au Pair was going over to keep her new friend company.

SIL would have none of that. She sent Au Pair over to collect Au Pair 2 and bring her back, while she (SIL) got busy re-directing some strategic gifts. The girls were back in time for dinner, had a nice Christmas dinner, a little wine, and were a little amazed to find presents under the family tree for them.

rimshotgdansk, what a nice story!

Our Christmas was marred by illness (thank you, Flu) but really it was otherwise quite nice. New year’s Eve was great. I was still sick, but I rallied enough to go see Return of the King, which I loved–only thing marring it was the knowledge that the movies are now over.

And then when we picked my son up from the sitter, he was asleep and stayed asleep all the way home, so no difficult bedtime wrangling.

I had a good one as well. New in town and single I was on call for my department for Christmas Eve & Christmas day. But I handed over the phones at 5.00pm and went a’visiting. I was invited to 3 places and ate at each one. I got presents from one workmates parents purely because they felt like they should adopt me as I had no family here. New Years Eve I went out partying with the girls from work and found out that I know more people than I think I did in town and that an English accent and cleavage will get you very far in Wyoming. :wink:

didnt know myself until last Monday, and I been off the boards since day before xmas eve, otherwise i’d have give you a shout. I dont know how far away you are from Bude, cos thats where I was, powerboozing. Arrr!:smiley: