So did the season (I mean series) finale of FLASHFORWARD leave you frustrated? SPOILERS

I was hoping that with ABC’s announcement a few weeks ago that the series was cancelled that the producers would have a little time to edit the finale to bring about some finality to the show, instead the anticipated cliffhanger for the season finale. It appears that no such attempt was made and we are left with the season ending cliffhanger of the second global blackout as the end of the series.

I guess the producers could be shopping the show to one of the cable networks with the hopes of picking up where they left off. But I’m not optomistic.

I guess we can assume that Mark lept to the helicopter as the building exploded and he and the pilot blacked out.

In the grand scheme of things I’m not too frustrated that the show got cancelled, but c’mon ABC, you could have given them a bit more time to rap up the storyline.

Given the lack of response in the other thread, I guess most people were beyond caring.