So did William James believe in the legitimacy of taking moral holidays?

I’ve found on many websites the same quotation:

The universe is a system of which the individual members may relax their anxieties occasionally, in which the don’t-care mood is also right for men, and moral holidays in order… I fully believe in the legitimacy of taking moral holidays"

But I thought that faith in an absolute mind that guarantees salvation without human input goes against Humean empiricism, which James is supposed to have descended from.

Also, that, after witnessing the Civil War in which his brother Wilkey died, he began to think that moral complacency is unacceptable while destruction runs rampant.

Well, here’s the context from which the quote is taken: It’s relatively near the end of What Pragmatism Means (lecture 2 from What Is Pragmatism).

‘moral holiday’ ? I think of July 4th and St. Patrick’s Day personally.