So do gift subscriptions work now?

Just re-upped my subscription today and noticed there was an option to gift. Does that work now?

Because I’d like to start a Secret Santa type thread and maybe draw some names out of a hat that would like a subscription.

If I remember correctly, Quasi did this once and it went quite nicely. What wound up happening is a bunch of people signed up to gift to other posters instead of just quasi gifting to other people.

The last I heard it was still broken. I’ll see what I can find out.

It’s not a total automated fix but with a little assist it works.

What happens is that when you use the gift subscription portal I receive a notice. I contact you, you tell me your giftee and whether you want them to know it’s from you or not. I manually assign the gift.

Not as elegant as I would like but the old auto mechanism broke a while back and no one’s been able to figure out what Jerry did to start with. So I have this kluge in place.

Giving gifts like this is very nice of you.

your humble TubaDiva

Okay, thanks Tuba.

If that’s the case, I’m hesitant to start a thread like I described because I’m concerned if we get a bunch of people who want to join in and gift, that’s going to be a big headache for you contacting all these people.

I’ll just contact you with a couple of people I want to gift to. Unless someone has a better idea. It is kind of late in the game for it to be a Christmas thing.

It’s not a problem for me to gift anyone and I’m happy to do it for you. If you make the effort, for sure I don’t mind.

I’m not around 24/7, of course, but I can be looking out for notices so I can catch whatever anyone might like to do over the next few days.