So, Have The Mods Banned Themselves Yet?

From the agreement:

Only one screen name is permitted per user. If you wish to change screen names please email an administrator. Use of multiple screen names is grounds for revocation of your right to post under ANY screen name. We reserve the right to refuse postings from screen names we find objectionable.

Now, I see in the thread about some guy going to a strip club, Twickster, in violation of this agreement, has closed it under the name A-Maizing (or some such). And signed it Twickster!

I tell you, we’re all going to hell in a handbasket if this behavious isn’t stopped within - oh the next 24 hours.

Well… All the mods did, in fact, email an administrator about their name changes. :slight_smile: Actually, I (an administrator) also emailed myself about my name change.I can’t imagine why you think things might revert, say, somewhere around midnight EDT.

I knew there would be a dastardly explanation.

I guess now that Tuba Corn Diver allows only one name change you are all stuck?

Actually, the “only one name change” is an urban legend. The admins don’t give name changes willy-nilly, but if there is a good reason for it, a person may change his or her name more than once.

Which is a good thing, since both Invisible Cornbat and I had already had one name change previous to this weekend.

It’s not “one name change per user.” Never has been.

It’s also not “change your screen name every week.” Which we have had to deal with in the past.

I have had exactly one name change in 16 years. Maybe I was overdue. (And so is everyone else.)

I’m not overdue…I’m not even pregnant!

-Popcorn is the new Kernel