So, how are these numbers, really?

At 50+ my doctors are all about my physicals. I’m 6’3 and 195lbs… My blood pressure was 114 over 74 which is what it usually is, give or take. My lab results were as follows:

Bicarbonate 23
BUN 11
Calcium 8.6
Chloride 102
Creatinine .86
Glucose 71
Potassium 3.9
Sodium 139
Cholesterol 119
HDL 42
Triglycerides 83

My doctor was all ecstatic, but what do they know? I mean, really? When can I expect to fall over dead and see the dumb look on his face as the Oompa Loompas deny me entrance into Valhalla?

Since the OP is seeking medical advice, this is better suited to IMHO.

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If you were a horse I would wager a few bucks on you winning your next race!

Check in with us again when you turn 126.

I am not a doctor, but going by my own (limited) experience and a little Googling some of those numbers are VERY nice. I mean, people would kill for your blood pressure or cholesterol levels (though your cholesterol might actually be on the low side, which can be a problem if it drops too low.)

Sure hope a doc comes in with some authoritative information.

Almost of your your physical health numbers look perfect. Unfortunately, that doesn’t matter because your height of 6’3" negates all of that. There aren’t any really old tall people. Nobody knows why. Sorry.

Sneak brag!

Or is it stealth brag? Oh man I hope you don’t severely outlive me because I get killed by MeanOldLady.

First of all, I think my doctors equipment is skewed. (it was that whatchamacall it thing that slides up from the back of the scale.) In shoes I’ve always been just at 6’2. He somehow found an inch somewhere. Maybe my hair was sticking up yesterday?:confused: You’d think a doc would know how to measure a human by now (it was actually a nurse).

Secondly, my father in-law is 82 and he’s 6’4.