So How Big a TV Sheep Are YOU?

From, the AP Newswire, “According to preliminary figures, Wednesday’s “Survivor” finale won a 28.2 household rating (28.43 million households) - a 44 percent share of all those watching TV in that two-hour period.”

AP goes on to list the top-rated TV shows ever:

  1. “MAS*H Special,” CBS, 60.2, 50.15 million homes, 77 share. Aired Feb. 28, 1983.

  2. “Dallas,” CBS, 53.3, 41.47 million homes, 76 share. Aired Nov. 21, 1980.

  3. “Roots Part VIII,” ABC, 51.1, 36.38 million homes, 71 share. Aired Jan. 30, 1977.

  4. “Super Bowl XVI - San Francisco 49ers vs. Cincinnati Bengals” CBS, 49.1, 40.02 million homes, 73 share. Aired Jan. 24, 1982.

  5. “Super Bowl XVII - Washington Redskins vs. Miami Dolphins,” NBC, 48.6, 40.48 million homes, 69 share. Aired
    Jan. 30, 1983.

  6. “XVII Winter Olympics,” (including Tonya Harding vs. Nancy Kerrigan), CBS, 48.5, 45.69 million homes, 64 share. Aired Feb. 23, 1994.

  7. “Super Bowl XX - Chicago Bears vs. New England Patriots,” NBC, 48.3, 41.49 million homes, 70 share. Aired Jan. 26, 1986.

  8. “Gone With The Wind - Part 1,” NBC, 47.7, 33.96 million homes, 65 share. Aired Nov. 7, 1976.

  9. “Gone With The Wind - Part 2,” NBC, 47.4, 33.75 million homes, 64 share. Aired Nov. 8, 1976.

  10. “Super Bowl XII - Dallas Cowboys vs. Denver Broncos,” CBS, 47.2, 34.41 million homes, 67 share. Aired Jan. 15, 1978.

I don’t know whether to be proud or alarmed that I did not see ANY of these global-village events. I’m not one of yer anti-TV tree-huggin’ hippes—I spend more than my fair share of time in front of the tube. But for one reason or another (college, other commitments, good taste), I managed to miss out on all these.

How about y’all?

Probably saw the MASH and SuperBowls.

Haven’t had TV for four years, but we’re moving back to civilization soon. It’ll be interesting to see whether or not we begin watching the tube on a regular basis.

I saw that; however, I was already a big MAS*H fan, so watching the final episode was pretty natural, not some big deal.

A Superbowl involving the Redskins? Of course I saw it.
As for the rest- I might have seen one or two of the other Superbowls listed; the rest of the shows I was really too young to give a damn about (“Roots” was not designed to appeal to a 5-year old).

I saw MASHes final episode. But that’s because I liked the show. Otherwise, haven’t seen any of them.

I missed 'em all, too. I don’t care much for televised sports, which account for what, 70% of those?

I MAY have caught some of the first TV broadcast of GWTW, but if so, I don’t remember. By November 1976 I had just earned my driver’s license, so the fleshpots of the repertory cinemas of Cleveland, Ohio, were mine for the grasping. If I had any lust to see GWTW, it would have been easy enough to fulfill without sitting through commercials.

I didn’t watch SURVIVOR, either.

Fifty percent. Sorry, didn’t count before posting.

MASH, ROOTS, and DALLAS? No, thanks.

They had TV back then!??!

May have seen a minute or two of the Redskins-Dolphins SuperBowl in 1983 (on the TV in the basement of my dorm) and I probably saw the 1978 SuperBowl, but I’m sure I didn’t see any of the others.

I remember the final episode of MASH. None of the others.

I used to watch TV all the time, now that they took my cable away, the TV is hardly ever on, except when I need company. (I live alone, so I like the sound)

When I had cable, I never watched regular network TV. I have never seen one episode of Survivor, Big Brother, and I cna’t remember the last time I saw Friends or anything like that.

I saw the first two, primarily because my whole family were regular “MAS*H” and “Dallas” watchers. I also saw #7 (Bears-Patriots), only because my friend Matt, being a New Englander by birth, had made a $50 bet with his boss on the Patriots, I wanted to see the look on his face in light of the shellacking they were about to take.

I gotta admit I saw them all. The MASH finale sticks out because my fraternity threw a MASH Farewll garbage can party and I got memorably (or not so memorably) shitfaced that night.

I know I saw the Super Bowls because I haven’t missed a Super Bowl in twenty years, even when I was living in Asia.

and yes, Tymp, we had TV back in the 70s. I used to watch in my cave with my pet dinosaur.

I saw that Niners superbowl game, I saw parts of ROOTS but Im not sure if I saw that particular part. Other than that I haven’t seen the others. FTR, Ive never seen Survivor or Who Wants to be a Millionaire. In fact Ive probably not seen most of the top ranked TV programs.

Haven’t seen any of them. Proud of it. I am a TV-hater. If I do watch it, it’s cartoons or some old sitcom or an animal show like Crocodile Hunter, and that’s only because the roomie has it on. When I live alone, I have no TV and don’t miss it or the cable bill.
A girl

I can now join a club. I have never seen any of those programs either. Probably because I was still nothing more than a couple of haploid cells when most of the shows aired. So, when are we gonna start the club.

Man, I was thinking I was the only one! Never seen Friends, seen Seinfeld maybe twice (on a plane), Survivor, etc. I can’t name them, 'cause I don’t watch them, but I do feel like a weirdo, 'cause I have no idea who these people are that star on the shows! Not that I really wanna know, but it is weird.

A girl

Hmmm, I saw all the superbowls listed. . . my family used to have these big superbowl parties and back when I was younger I had nothing better to do. Aside from that, I’ve seen nothing on the list at all.

I LOVE Crocodile Hunter right now. Something about watching a cheerful australian guy crawling on his belly into a 28" crevice filled with rattlesnakes just makes for great television.

I’ve never seen a single episode of Survivor, and have never watched a complete episode of Who Want’s To Be A Millionaire? It seems like I always get depressed when they use a lifeline, and end up changing the channel.

The only network program that I reallly get into right now is The West Wing.

Man, I was thinking I was the only one! Never seen Friends, seen Seinfeld maybe twice (on a plane), Survivor, etc. I can’t name them, 'cause I don’t watch them, but I do feel like a weirdo, 'cause I have no idea who these people are that star on the shows! Not that I really wanna know, but it is weird.

Me too, any it’s really annoying at breaks sometimes when people are talking about these shows. Rich? WTF is Rich? I saw maybe 5 episodes of Seinfield.

Funny thing the other day I got on the radio here of KISS FM trying to win tickets to Marine world, but I didn’t know who Rachel was. You’d of thought I’d just arrived from Mars by the looks on peoples faces when I mentioned it.

Out of the list from the OP, all I remember watching is the Winter Olympics. I do put my time in front of the tube, but, since my schedule keeps me out of the house during prime time, my choice in programs tends to be a little different. But, if there is a show that I try to not miss, is The Daily Show on Comedy Central. What can I say? I have a crush on Jon Stewart.

I haven’t seen any of the entries other than the Superbowls. However, I have seen several of the lowest rated TV shows.

Nope, didn’t see any one of those. But then I was still in diapers for a few (GWTW & Roots) so I guess they don’t count.

I haven’t seen Survivor or Who want to be a millionaire either, I’m proud to say. My TV stays mostly on Cartoon Network, Discovery, or TLC. *and to think ten years ago I wouldn’t have been caught dead watching “educational TV” * :rolleyes: