So How Big a TV Sheep Are YOU?

I know I watched the winter Olympics to see the Tanya and Nancy debacle, but I didn’t see any of the other programs in first run. Not that I’m a tv snob, I have seen most of them in rerun, but I was pretty young when they (MASH, Roots, GWTW) first aired.

I did tune in to the last half hour of Survivor to see if Scylla was right about Richard winning, but that’s all I’ve seen of it. I just prefered to follow the show via the SDMB and Entertainment Weekly.

Dallas. (I was right about who shot J.R., too. Mostly because I’d heard Mary Crosby was leaving the show).

Most of the Superbowls listed.

Have never seen Survivor, caught about five minutes of Millionaire when I was channel surfing.

Seen Gone with the Wind and loved it, but not in 1976 (If you’d asked me who won the Civil War at that age, I’d probably have said “The Redskins”).

I watched all of the Super Bowls, MASH*,*and parts of the Winter Olympics. For the record, I didn’t watch a single minute of *Survivor,*and I’ve seen a grand total of 15 minutes of Who Wants To Be A Millionaire.

I saw the MASH*, and some of the Olympics (the hockey for sure, couldn’t tell you anything else that year.)

IMHO, Superbowls don’t tend to be good matchups, but I probably did see parts of some of the games mentioned.

What is this “T.V.” you people are talking about?

I saw the last episode of MASH; the rest of the family was watching, so why not?

I also probably saw the Winter Olympics thingie mentioned. I saw most of that Olympics, in large part because I’d just had a baby and my mother-in-law ordered me to lie down on the couch and nurse the baby and let the rest of the world go to hell. (I like my mother-in-law.) And it was in Norway, so the whole country was watching. But I’m not that interested in sports generally, nor figure skating specifically, and I don’t remember much.

Can’t recall watching any of the others. I have never watched any version of “Survivor” (you guys know the Swedes are originally to blame for that one, right?) and have only watched our local “Millionaire” a few times to heckle the contestants.



maybe a superbowl or two *****************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************nerts

Um. Well, my family being the devoted sports fans that we are, I have seen a few of those Super Bowls, although I didn’t pay much attention, because the latest one on the list occured when I was six years old. I did watch, and actually remember the 1994 Winter Olympics, though (Lillehammer, right?). A number of those TV events took place before I was born, but I doubt I would have watched them even if they were on today. I think I watched about two seconds of Survivor a few weeks ago. I changed the channel when I realized what it was.

Like Goboy’s this was a college event for me. I was on tour with our chorus and we watched it in some poor host family’s den – all 30 of us.

I was 14 and a full-throttle televison worshipper. Happy Days, Laverne and Shirley, etc., etc. I was captivated by Roots and immediately went to the library and checked out that book. Same goes for Gone with the Wind. Now my standard recommendation is if anyone has the inclination to read or watch GWTW, they should read Roots, for balance.

I also have been present for quite a number of Super Bowl games, but did I actually watch them? Ha. I watched the commercials and spent the rest of the time drinking beer.

Bad time of my life; I watched television and read incessantly to keep my mind off my troubles. This whole ridiculous story was pretty entertaining.

Hmmm… I watched half of the final episode of MASH (I was still young enough for my dad to send me to bed). I was 5 when Roots aired, and although I remember my family watching it, I don’t really recall it that well.

Everything else on that list, I didn’t see.

Except Survivor. I didn’t expect to like it (and refused to even check it out for the first few weeks on principle alone) but wound up getting really hooked.

Except for the original showing of GWTW (I was in Navy boot camp at the time), I saw EVERY show listed in the OP. (I NEVER miss a Super Bowl, especially if the Cowboys are playing!)


However, I have not seen even one minute of Survivor or Big Brother or that MTV The Real World, so I guess I’m not totally a sheep.

Saw MAS*H, of course. I was and am a huge fan.

I also saw that Olympics. I watched that whole Olympics pretty closely–I was a competitive speedskater at the time. Of course I made sure to watch Nancy and Tonya, too. (I’m still glad Oksana beat 'em both, even though she looked like an ugly purple chicken in that costume.)

I didn’t see any of the others, though. Interesting that the vast majority of the shows on the list aired before cable became ubiquitous.

I did watch most of the last episode of Survivor. I hadn’t seen it at all up to that point, but I had a pretty good general idea of the goings on from newspapers and magazines. I was utterly fascinated while I was watching it, but after it was over, I felt like I has wasted my time. I don’t think that I’ll watch the next one.


First off, let me put in a good word for all the other ‘Anti’s’ out there, whether they are hugging trees (they MIGHT be just early, waiting for it to turn into paper, ya know?) or not. We are * such a misunderstood * bunch!!

Second, I DID watch the end of MASH, and whichever Superbowl the Atlanta Falcons actually shocked the whole of Georgia by managing to at least get to, in some other way than in the stands! ‘Survivor’ looked stupid as did ‘Millionaire’ but I did watch the one when Dana Carvey was on, since my oldest son was watching and asked me to watch it too. But otherwise, Seinfeld was my last habitual tv watching days. I try to see X-Files, and Law & Order reruns on A&E. Oh yeah, and ‘Pop Up Video’ on VH-1.

When “Survivor” first came on the tube, I decided that, while there might certainly be portions that might prove interesting, I decided that I wouldn’t watch it, just as I had decided in the past that I wouldn’t watch “Roots,” “Shogun,” “Rich Man, Poor Man,” “Thorn Birds,” and all the other mini-series that popped up on television. I didn’t want to be a slave to a “glowing box,” hanging on its every word.

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I need to hurry back to see if jjjfishe or Michi ever responded to my last post over on MPSIMS…