Anyone still not watching Survivor?

I’m not. Damn work keeps me in every Thursday nights. Hell, I hardly have any time to get interested in any show anymore.

Hopefully, I’m not the only one that hasn’t watched even one episode. Anyone else not watching the show? What’s your reason?

I haven’t seen any episodes of it, or the spinoffs I’ve heard about.
Dunno. I generally don’t watch T.V., and it doesn’t look that terribly interesting. Maybe I should be more voyeuristic?

I watched most of the second season’s opener since it was on after the Super Bowl. But I wanted to continue my streak of never having seen a complete episode, so I stepped outside for 10 minutes or so.

I have never seen so much as 30 seconds of the show. I thought about it, but I always manage to forget that it’s on or, if I remember about it, I’m off doing something vaguely social or work related.

eh, since it doesn’t really appeal to me anyway, I probably won’t watch it at all.

I haven’t watched any of it mainly cause I work swing shifts so its hard to catch any show regularly however, the real reason is that Friends is ten times better. I manage to tape that no matter what I do. This week’s episode was one of the funniest ever too!

Never seen it and proud of it!


I saw about 3 minutes of the first season, I think it was the second to the last episode. I was disappointed that my streak was broken. I haven’t seen any of the second season, yet.

Nope. I can always find something else to do. Like stare blankly into space.

Never seen it. Don’t see the point.

I’m not! I’ve never seen any of the episodes…

Never watched the first one. Didn’t watch “who wants to marry a millionaire” either, nor this seasons bevy of banality Suvivor II, the Mole and/or Temptation Island.

None of it appeals to me in the slightest.

Haven’t watched any of the new show. I picked up on the first one when there was, I think, 7 people left. I’m going to wait a similar amount of time on this one. Even if you like the show, who cares about the early fodder?

Goodness, gracious, NO.

The only TV I particularly watch is the re-running of “Babylon 5” on the SciFi Channel. And since last night’s episode was the last of season 4, I won’t be watching THAT very much any more, either.

The appeal of the whole “Survivor” phenomenon…the whole reality TV thing, really…completely escapes me.

Then again I’m enough of a psychotic that I find the drama in my OWN life more than enough for me.

Nope, never watched I and am not watching II. The whole charm and fascination of the thing eludes me completely. I can’t even bring myself to read any articles about it.

I’m not watching it. I don’t really watch a whole lot of TV. When the TV is on, it’s just for the company.

Actually, Hama, tonight’s the last ep of season four - the “future history” episode, IMHO one of the best in the series. Don’t miss it.

A for Survivor - the fact that it’s about a bunch of people whose main purpose is to screw each other over goes against my every instinct. I guess I’m to much of a “team player”, but I’d like to see a show in which the survival of the group was more important than the survival of the individual.

Nope. Screw it. I watched most of the first Survivor, more for the novelty than anything else. All the Survivor mania and insight from last year had caused the novelty to wear off on Survivor 2 before it even started. Hopefully, they won’t bother with Survivor 3.

Unless they do it in Antarctica! I’m sorry, but the Australian outback does not have the harshest conditions on the planet. You want to show me a real survivor? Dump 'em all off on the Ross Ice Shelf, and then let’s see how they do.

Never seen a single minute. Have no interest in watching it, either. I don’t believe, incidentally, that they’re actually “surviving” on their own, either.

I don’t even understand how people are reacting to the show; it seems to have become a soap opera rather than a game show. In another thread, some people were bitching that one “survivor” named Jerri had connived her way into getting somebody else voted out, and we all know how Richard Hatch is despised for his scheming. Um, isn’t that the point of the game? If that show was for real and I was on it, I’d be looking for ways to arrange “Accidents,” start fistfights, whatever would get people voted off or carried off on a stretcher.

I once watched five minuties of “Big Brother” and most of the second half of “Who Wants To Marry a Multi-Millionaire?” (Ever notice that people are forgetting the multi- part? That Rick Rockwell, what a guy.) That was enough reality TV for me.

I’ll tell you what shows I WOULD watch:

1. REAL SURVIVOR - In Real Survivor, sixteen ordinary shmoes are left on a deserted island rigged with a lot of hidden cameras. A pool of $10 million is split evenly between anyone who survives a month. Killing other contestants is allowed. No assistance is offered except the blockading of the island to ensure nobody gets on or off the island. If you starve or bleed to death, too freakin’ bad.

Think of what a terrific game this would make. Do you ally yourself with others or become a lone wolf? IF you do join a “team,” imagine the dynamics and the paranoia over who’s gonna kill who! Or do you hide somewhere and try to just last thirty days and get whatever your cut will be, or do you actively seek out and kill the other contestants? If you thought scheming was fun, imagine the 33-year-old programmer from Sunnyvale and the 29-year-old schoolteacher from Des Moines forging an alliance, slaying the 25-year-old phys. ed teacher from Albuquerque, and then betraying one another and engaging in mortal combat with handmade stone axes on prime time! Holy moly, I wouldn’t miss a minute of that.

2. EAT BUGS FOR MONEY! - In this game show, which IIRC was named by Dave Barry, the contestants would be asked to eat huge, hideous insects for cash and prizes.

It would work like this; three contestants, carefully screened to ensure you don’t get any nuts who actually enjoy eating bugs, would be presented with a series of filthy, disgusting bugs, working from small routine bugs (flies, maggots, small spiders) to really awful bugs like those giant insects they have in South America. Each contestant would be given a pool of $1 million to work from and would have to “bid” on the amount of money they’d be willing to eat the bug for. The bids, however, must always add up to $1 million, so whatever you have left during your last bid is automatically your bet. The LOWEST bid would then have to eat the bug and would be paid their bid. The contestants therefore have to balance their bids; do you big high early on so you can have the lowest bid when they bring out the humongous bugs, or do you bet low and just take a little money and avoid eating the giant beetle? At various points during the contest, contestants would be asked a variety of trivia questions to earn advantages during the game (“Okay, Cindy, if you can tell us who the President of France was during World War One, we’ll coat your praying mantis in chocolate before you eat it.”) If you refuse to eat a bug, you lose your winnings and you have to give all your worldly possessions to the other contestants.

At the end of the game, the player with the most total money gets all the money, a new car, and some mouthwash; the losers only get 10% of their winnings. And some mouthwash.

3. AMATEUR CROCODILE HUNTER - In Amateur Crocodile Hunter, the object of the game is to survive a set amount of time in a cage or pen with an extremely dangerous animal.

Contestants would be offered two choices, each presenting a different degree of risk, but with the riskier one offering more money. (e.g. “Okay, Bill, do you want to spend five minutes in a fifty-foot pen with a gigantic polar bear for $100,000, or ten minutes in a ten-foot cage with a king cobra for $250,000?”) The contestant would then attempt to answer three trivia questions in ascending difficulty; every right answer gives the contestant some advantage over the animal, e.g. thick leather knee-high boots for dealing with the cobra, or an aluminum baseball bat to try to fend off the big hungry panther.

If you survive the set period of time with the animal, you win the entire pot. If you don’t, 10% of the pot is paid to your family.

I watched about 10 mins of the 2nd season opener.
I don’t see the appeal. I also don’t watch because I spent the entire 10 mins yelling at the stupid people on the TV. Where do they get these people? It’s offense to humanity how dense they are.

Haven’t seen a minute of it. I don’t watch a lot of TV since TV Land stopped showing Adam-12.

Other than the Croc Hunter, I’m out.