Which of these highly rated events did you see?

The last two years’ Super Bowls, according to Nielsen, are the most watched programs of all time. It got me wondering about the previous recordholders. How many of them did you see? How many did you intentionally or accidentally miss? What do you remember about the buildup to these shows and did they live up to the hype?

I put MASH and Roots. I’m a bit young for The Beatles and The Fugitive. I don’t remember GWtW being on TV and I never cared for Dallas.

Possibly MAS*H, but not Dallas and I’m too young to remember the others.

I saw four of them, all but The Fugitive and Dallas. Plus the moon landing, which you left out.

Only one of those I saw live was the finale of MAS*H. Which, considering the subject matter and the fact that I was 7 years old, may not have been the most stellar parenting decision my folks ever made.

I take it that watching recordings years after the fact doesn’t count…?

Showing my age here. The Beatles’ first appearance on Ed Sullivan remains the television event that I most eagerly awaited before it happened. I can still remember the excitement I felt in the days and hours leading up to the show. I was ten years old and had been playing the drums for a few years. When I saw the Beatles perform for the first time, I immediately realized I wanted to play the guitar and sing. I got my first guitar for Christmas 1964 and have been playing and singing ever since.

The Fugitive was a show my father liked. I remember us leaving some family event early so that we could be home in time to watch the last episode.

I missed the other TV events in the poll.

None. In fact, the only ones I’ve even seen recorded versions of are the MASH finale and the Beatles on Sullivan.

I think I’ve seen the 10 seconds where JR’s shooter is revealed, too, but never the whole episode.

MASH is the only one. That was the last time TV/movie/book/song/etc. made me cry. I was 8.

To the best of my recollection my mom didn’t watch Dallas (even if it was unlikely I’d be up to watch it with her) but I do remember the “Who Shot JR” buzz around it.

I checked all but The Fugitive, but now that I come to think of it, I’m pretty sure I didn’t watch Dallas, but just read about it later. I was really young for the Beatles on Ed Sullivan, but I know I watched it because my older sister and her friends were absolutely insane about it. We had three or four screaming girls in our house.

Saw all but Roots and Fugitive when first on, caught those two later on.

I could be wrong but isn’t the highest rated regular episode for a TV series the “Beverly Hillbillies” where Granny mistakes a kangaroo for a jackrabbit?

Saw the Beatles and The Fugitive.

The others were shows I never watched (I had given up on MAS*H a few seasons before), so didn’t care. And Gone With The Wind was too long to being with; once commercials were added, I had better things to do with my life.

I may or may not have seen the Beatles on Ed. We generally watched the show, but I don’t recall that one. At that age, I was more of a fan of Topo Gigio than of any pop band. I never watched the Fugitive. I definitely saw the JR episode as I was a Dallas fan anyway. The MAS*H episode was another can’t miss event for me. GWTW on network TV- meh. I’d already seen the movie a couple times in the theater. I didn’t watch Roots, it didn’t seem to be a phenomenon until it was half over.

None of the above. I was born in 1973, and only peripherally aware of* MASH at the time it stopped producing new episodes.

Well I voted even though I am not in the US. I watched zero episodes of Roots, maybe less episodes of Dallas and had already seen, and hated, *Gone With the Wind * at the university movie club. The rest I saw plus the moon landing, the last episode of Cheers, the last episode of Seinfeld, and the last episode of Newhart.

You’re me only in zebra form.

Moon landing. That’s it.

I only voted for MAS*H. I was born in 71 and I definitely didn’t watch Dallas at all. My parents likely watched Gone With The Wind, but if they did, I’m pretty sure I wasn’t paying attention to it.

Saw three, but did not see the last two (or even 10) Superbowls.

None. I also didn’t see the finale of Seinfeld or *The Sopranos, *and I sure as hell didn’t see the finale of Friends.