So how do we payback North Korea for the Sony hacking?

We don’t trade with them, so economic sanctions would be meaningless.

I suggest that we buy The Interview from Sony at cost, then have ABC, NBC, CBS and FOX air the thing commercial free on Christmas Eve.

I also like that Alamo Drafthouse, theater chain based in Texas, has decided to screen Team America on Christmas Day in its place… Fuck yeah!!!

Paramount Pictures pulled the plug on that… So way to be cowards Paramount.
The one thing we could be doing Sony wont let us do…

And then put it on the internet for free, easily downloadable for the whole world to share, too.
On a website owned by the US government, as a clear statements how we react when our freedom of speech is threatened.

We should order five extra large pizzas to be delivered to their house. And we can get some really weird toppings on them, but no pepperoni.

Find look-alikes for various powerful members of the ruling Kim family. Pay them lucratively for starring in exceptionally disgusting and disturbing fetish porn. Offer said porn free to anyone over 18 who wants it.

Remember the shooting in the theater in Aurora CO? There is an ongoing lawsuit against Cinemark for failing to provide adequate security to prevent the shooting.

If for whatever reason The Interview was released in theaters and there ended up being violence related to showings of the film, it is almost a certainty that the theaters and Paramount would end up being defendants in a very large lawsuit. If the powers that be at Paramount think the threat is credible, what are their options?

ETA: you were talking about Team America. The point still stands though.

Why do you think anybody needs to be “paid back”? In North Korea’s mind, what they did met somebody’s demand for payback. What is the purpose of perpetuating a continuing paradigm of payback?

Point taken, but one could also argue that Sony and Paramount are doing more harm than good by capitulating to these terrorists demands as it only emboldens the the terrorists to do this again in the future (and maybe take it a step further).
It is a bit of a conundrum though.

Perhaps Sony Pictures could accidentally let another groups of hackers get their hands on The Interview, who would then post the entire film on a Russian internet site so the whole world could watch it for free. North Korea could then retaliate against Russia and the problem could move over there.


It is indeed.

The more I think about it, the less inclined I am to shrug and say “Oh well Dear Leader is seeing how big an asshole he can be and get away with it because he has The Bomb”. This is hostile action against American business and American citizens. But I am not sure how to proceed.

As mentioned, we can’t use trade sanctions because we don’t trade with them. We can’t embargo them, because of what they get from China and we can’t shut off that border. We can’t strike back against their cyber infrastructure - they practically don’t have one, and they might not notice if we shut it down. We can’t bomb them, since nobody died from the Sony hack. The Norks aren’t going to care what the UN says, so a resolution isn’t going to help.

So what do we do? Obama’s recommendation is that Americans should go to the movies. I am trying to be fair-minded here, but that is not a serious response. He claims he is taking the Sony cyber-attack seriously, but only that the feds will act if there are terror attacks. I don’t think there will be, and that’s not what needs to be punished.

So, IMO we need to [ul][li]find the hackers ASAP . If we can fuck up the centrifuges in Iran, we should be able to make life a burden to these hackers. [/li][li]put pressure on China. China is NK’s sponsor and one of the few connections we have with that chubby creep in Pyongyang. Maybe they can do something with the bastard.[/li][/ul]Anyone think of anything else?


Get someone to key Kim Jong-un’s car.

That’s what pineapple and anchovies are for, right?

Just watched Chris Hayes, according to them, NK has on of the top five cyber units in the world (5,000 strong), if this unit is centralized, I wonder if we could take that unit out somehow?

Also, it’s worth noting that we absolutely can impose more sanctions on NK. To put in perspective, we have more sanctions against Iran than we do NK.
Chris Hayes link

Why can’t some nutjobs somewhere declare that all movies are against their religion and threaten to attack any theatre that screens anything?

If anonymous threats can cause this kind of response…

Just think about it rationally for a second. Suppose it really is North Korea threatening to kill people at theatres screening The Interview. Does North Korea have the resources to commit an act of terror? Sure. Can they do it without leaving evidence behind it was them? Possible, but unlikely.

This would trigger an overwhelming response by the United States. It’s little different than if they decided to just start firing all the artillery they have pointed at South Korea.

Sony Pictures pulled the movie because the hackers had them by the short-and-curlies. If they were not already over a barrel, I think it is a safe assumption that the release would have gone-off as planned, regardless of empty threats of violence from (presumably) North Korea.

Interesting. Maybe the feds are burrowing their way in. Let’s hope so.

In the meantime, let’s put Kimmie’s home phone number on continuous redial for Rachel from Card Holder Services.


My original thought was to turn the movie over to both cable and broadcast and have just about every station out there show the movie at the same time. But I think I might like this one even better.

Who do you think Rachel from Card Holder Services works for? She’s one of the biggest sources of trade for the DPRK.