So how likely is it that Cecil will respond?

I quote from the desciption of this forum:

“Got a factual question for the Teeming Millions (and possibly Cecil) to consider?”

Just out of interest, when’s the last time Cecil actually picked up a question from here?

It is very, very unlikely. In the 6 years I have been here, it has only happened a handful of times and that is spread across all forums.

The dirty little secret though is that the GQ crew is much smarter, wittier, and more charming than Cecil at least collectively so, if you want the best answer to a question, you are better off coming straight here.

Thou blasphemer!

begins chucking virtual stones

The most recent one, IIRC, was the question about whether or not a plane could take off on a treadmill. That started on GQ, and then became a column a few weeks later. That’s been within the last couple of months.

He writes columns more than he posts - he’s got all of 140 posts here.

Searching brings up 168 posts by Cecil Adams, two, surprisingly , in the Pit.

The moral seems to be, Call Cecil a putz and he will come!


Great Cecil sees all!
Great Cecil knows all!
Great Cecil responds well to two 50’s, slipping to him on the sly.

Keep this in mond, Young Padawan.

A few months ago I posted a question here that nobody was able to answer, and some suggested it would be a good question for the Master.

I e-mailed it to him, and got a message back saying it would be in the list of about a handful of questions that Cecil actually considers for the week.

Still waiting on the column, though…

(the question was, do animals besides humans cuddle after sex?)