so how long before we see a picture of the royal baby?

And how much will they pay for it?

A day or two. Royals leaving hospitals with new babies do the equivalent of a perp walk from the door to the car.

Really sporting royals hold the baby in a way that allows the photographers to get a clear shot of the little one’s face. Really sporting babies will look as cute as possible (piece of cake!), or at least not cry (how would you feel facing that mob?).

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It’s bad luck to photograph a baby boy before the bris.


They’ve posted some photos of the boy who will be King over on the Onion.

You mean the press? Have you seen the banks of photographers outside the hospital? No one’s getting an exclusive on that one.

Also, the Royals don’t sell photographs, that’s for c-listers.

Here ya go: (close-up) (wider shot)

The Onion, of course, got the scoop on this one.

I presume the OP means how much a news org “pays” the pap becasue the Royals aren’t going start charging any time soon.