Elitist Royals want Journalists and Crew to dress up for their visit.

Yes your royal highness I’ll get right on that jacket and tie. :stuck_out_tongue:

The teamsters are going to really love this elitist attitude. I’ve seen news crews at different locations in my city. A buddy of mine worked the control board at the local NBC station and I visited a few times. Crew don’t dress up. Some of the best Rock N Roll T Shirts are on the camera guys. Shorts are common in the summer. Even on air talent used to wear jeans and a dress shirt and jacket on top. They were shot from the waist up or sitting behind the anchor desk. Some stations do full body shots and that requires a full suit.

I can easily imagine a sweaty teamster in a suit. :smiley: he’ll get even with a silent but oh so pungent fart to welcome the Royals to his city. :stuck_out_tongue:

In all seriousness there’s a valid reason for the crew’s casual dress. Lugging 80lbs of camera gear up to the the 5th floor of a over heated office building is sweaty work. The gear cases get dirty and transfer to your clothes. You’re twisting and bending and need your arms free. Who wants to rip out the seat of a flimsy pair of dress pants? Jeans are tough and meant for that kind of work.

WTH wants to ruin a $300 suit at work? Who’s supposed to pay for it?

I sometimes setup pc’s and laser printers at my job. That means lugging a 35lb dusty cardboard box several hundred feet, unpacking the contexts, lifting the contents out onto a table and only then doing the technical part of my job. I’m sure as hell not doing that in a suit.

The continuously face a huge mob of reporters, which cannot be a pleasant way to live, royal or celeb, I should think.

If they want to reduce the number by some arbitrary preference I have no objection, as long as it’s not race, religion, sexual preference, I’m fine with it.

The reporters can conform, or not should they find it objectionable. There is no real need for hundreds of/or all, of them to be accommodated. Besides the royals don’t need them, it’s the press who want a piece if the royals, after all.

If restaurants can have a dress code why not people facing reporters? There are other restaurants should you find it oppressive. There are other celebrities.

I don’t think anyone really cares, or should, to be honest.

I really don’t understand the newsworthiness of these people. IMHO they should be grateful the American public gives a pile of cold haggis they are stopping by.

I don’t see the problem. Lots of events have a dress code for the press.

I can’t think of a better way to cull the herd of photographers/papparazzi. As someone upthread mentioned, it’s the latter who want a piece of the former, not the other way round.

Good for them. Put a damn tie on, it won’t kill you.

I agree. I’d probably take one look at any of them and burst out laughing or tell them i am so grateful my relatives left so we don’t have to pay tithes for inbred Germans. Especially that jackass Prince Charlie and his partner-in-cheating second wife. OTOH, William is at least easy on the eyes, had a mother I admire and I have a undeniable sympathy for a pregnant Katie in the middle of pregnancy nausea.

Bolding mine. Diana cheated too, you know!

As a royalist I despise this particular set of puppets, and as a man I despise anyone who wears a suit and tie, or who conforms to mind-wasting sumptuary codes; however, their party, their rules.

I doubt if ‘the royals’ came up with these demands themselves, but can understand that a true representative of the common man might consider this elitist — NTTAWWT.

And I despise the press, dribbling puppet of the capitalist free-market oligarchy, and the general public, still more than I despise the Windsors, so wouldn’t object if they demanded both wear tutus.

Yeah but he’s the one who went to the altar with her intending to cheat. I just have no respect for him at all. He’s just such as pompous jackass with his idiotic statements on homeopathy and other bullshit. I would have slugged him publicly had I been Diana. I felt sorry for her. Imagine marrying a prince only to have make it clear he doesn’t love you to everyone in the world. I think she was fundamentally a decent person who was let down by the very person who should have done his best to protect her. I can’t imagine how I would feel if my husband was not on my side.