So how many young women did you know, college & high school, who disappeared after finding themselves pregnant?

I can think of 3 right off the bat. Just up and disappeared one day. One poor set of parents kept calling and calling me for information I didn’t have, since we’d been friends. 1st year college. She was afraid to tell them.

One, in HS. She was on track for Homecoming Court and Valedictorian.

The father? Homecoming King and champion quarterback. He didn’t miss a day or honor. The town didn’t see her again for years.


I should add I graduated HS in 1967. For context.

None, but high school was post-Roe v. Wade.

Same age/time here. In Connecticut, the girls were taken out of school when they started showing. They could come back after birth the next school year, behind a grade. The fathers, no problem. So no actual disappearance, just removal. Two in my class and an additional one just squeaked into graduation with some altered clothes.

I was in high school in the 1980s, and my parents fostered a number of pregnant women who also in high school. They got pregnant and didn’t want to get abortions, or waited too long (not sure which) and got kicked out of the family home for being pregnant. In their cases, pregnancy was way of acting act. Overly simplifying the situation, I know.

There was one couple at my high school who got married when she got pregnant. She did go to an alternative high school after the baby was born, so she could breast feed and not miss class.

My sophomore year in college one woman went home after her first semester due to pregnancy. No idea if she was able to get an abortion, but her parents considered the pregnancy a reason for her to go to college closer to home. She lost their trust.

I went to high school in the mid-90s and knew of one who disappeared sophomore year. I wasn’t part of her circle of friends, so I didn’t know the details back then. I just remember thinking at the time that I hadn’t seen her in a while and wondering what happened to her (I had a minor crush on her at one point). Years later, I join an alumni group for my school on Facebook, and I see her mention that she had gotten pregnant and had to leave school. She wound up having the baby, and later on had a couple of more kids.

I personally knew at least 2, but knew of 5 or 6(there was one I wasn’t sure of). My town has a school specifically for unwed (teen) mothers that is in-residence, so usually you didn’t have to look far for someone who suddenly wasn’t in class anymore but her family hadn’t moved.

I took a summer English class in the late '70’s and one of my classmates (don’t remember her name) was pregnant and attending the class so she could graduate during the summer instead of the next semester.

None that I was aware of. Not sure why I would be told of such things, so it may very well have happened, but I suspect it did not, and that no such ‘scandal’ occurred during my tenure.

My brother graduated in 1978, the big scandal was a girl in his class [or maybe the class behind his?] was pregnant for almost the entire school year, and gave birth about a month before graduation/summer vacation. See, she had always been a bit fat, and claimed she didn’t know she was pregnant - which I can understand, PCOS can be expressed by body fat and disrupted menstrual cycles - I myself could skip a year then bleed almost constantly for month on end. She apparently was gently losing weight while gaining pregnancy weight so it sort of balanced out. She ended up keeping the kid, her mother took care of it while she was in school, when she graduated she stayed at home while she got a job as sort sort of clerical worker in town.

Likewise. I mean, I suspected some people in my school might have been having sex, although nobody was talking to me about it.

(I graduated in 1992. Abortion was legal where I lived, and was considered unpleasant but occasionally necessary).

One girl in HS in the 80’s. She got pulled out of school by her parents when she was found pregnant, and the boy was also pulled out and made to marry her. Both ended up as HS dropouts and working crap jobs to support themselves.

Before Roe, 2 of my friends got pregnant, ages 13 and 14. They did stop attending. One came back for a short time, the boy stayed and they got married, as she had a different last name. The other came back and graduated.
After Roe, 2 girls got pregnant and kept attending til birth.

We had a girl in my senior year who was pregnant most of the year. Attended school the whole time, came to class like normal. No one I know ever gave her the stink eye or treated her any different. (But I wasn’t everywhere, and girls could be pretty catty in the bathroom, so who knows.) Class of 1980.

We were a bit progressive, I guess.

One of our junior high cheerleaders had to leave school when she got pregnant at 13. The parents of the kids had them get married. They did tutoring at home, but she returned to regular high school in our junior year. She was a cheerleader (again) and was a Homecoming Princess. I saw her at our 20th reunion, and they were still married. Color me shocked. They’d both gone to college and didn’t have more kids until their mid-twenties. This was definitely outlier territory for those days.

One of my classmates suddenly changed schools and dropped out of touch with everyone. Another classmate bumped into her and the baby a year later. This was in 1999, England.

She married the father, had another baby and was divorced by 19.

Yeah, I didn’t hear of any girl in my high school getting pregnant. It must have happened, but no one “disappeared” that I recall. Lat 1970s, so post Roe v. Wade.

In College on the other hand, I did hear of several of my friends having abortions.

I graduated from high school in 1995. Over the course of 4 years of high school 5 girls (in a school of 450 students ftr) had babies*, and none of them was forced to leave school.

  • when I was a junior a freshman had twins, so a total of 6 babies were born to schoolmates

My sister. She got pregnant, at 17, the same year I was born: 1970. Conception happened either on prom night or shortly afterwards, so she was showing by the time her senior year would have started. She married the father, with our parents’ permission, and my niece was born in February of 1971. The marriage didn’t last too long; my memories start with Sis and Niece living in our house and Ex-BIL showing up occasionally.

AFAIK, she wanted to get married, and Ex-BIL was at least okay with the idea. My mom told me, when I asked her as a teenager, “I wanted her to have an abortion, but it would have meant going out of state. Your father thought an abortion was too dangerous, legal or not, and wanted her to have the baby and give it up for adoption. “Annie” [EBIL’s mom] wanted them to get married, and I don’t know what “Erik” wanted. But Sis and EBIL wanted to get married, and what were we going to do – forbid them?”

I’ve never asked Sis about any of this, but she let one tidbit slip once – that she wished she could have finished high school on time, instead of getting a GED.