So how much is the toll on I-77 in WV these days?

I’ll be going through West Virginia on I-77 in a few days. Last time I went through, the toll was 75 cents, and I believe I had to stop 3 times. Have there been any changes?

Beckley to Charleston: $2.50, two stops of $1.25/each.

All three stops are $1.25.

Thanks very much!

Don’t forget the North Beckley plaza that charges $0.25. But if you’re taking I-77 all the way through the state, you’re not gling to hit that one.

I’m from the northern part of the state, so never spent a lot of time on the turnpike. But I used to drive from my home in Morgantown to Myrtle Beach every few months. It cost me a quarter to get on I-77 from US-19, and to get back on 19 going the other way. I also had to stop and pay $1.25 at the southernmost plaza, near Ghent.

Here’s a cool turnpike map. And here is a currentrate chart. This, and more, can be found at

Keep in mind, all the info so far on this thread only applies for passenger cars. Rates are different for bigger things.