So I Am Having a "Procedure" Tomorrow

Hey, all.

I am undergoing a uterine ablation in the AM (0600) d/t heavy bleeding. I am fine, just want it to stop. Sorry for the TMI.

Thing is–it’s under general anesthesia. I am a bit anxious (all right, all right, I am cowering under furniture and stealing my kid’s teddy bear).

So, if any of you could be so kind as to send some good thoughts Chicago way–the anesthesia department at SS Hospital could certainly use them. Don’t bother sending any for me–please concentrate on the sleeper!




sorry if I am not supposed to post this kind of stuff here. Don’t see a whole lot of these kinds of posts.

Good luck tomorrow. I wouldn’t get too worked up about the anesthesia. So long as you aren’t otherwise severly ill or advanced in age, anesthesia is rarely a problem. Especially since this is your first time. My mom has been under the knife repeatedly, both for voluntary and involutary reasons, since she was small. Anesthesia’s never been a problem.

Best wishes!

Ah, Pullet --I am a nurse and as such, can never just leave it at that. No, we think of all the things that could go wrong and most likely would never go wrong and then we start to nibble at our fingernails…
thanks for the support!

sends good thoughts and wishes

Just have some ice cream and some good DVDs waiting for you when you get back home. It’s imperative for recovery, you know. :slight_smile:

And mashed potatoes. With lots of salt and butter. Carbs and electrolytes, doncha know.


You have my best wishes, both asleep and awake. Nothing will go wrong. Everything will be fine, I’m sure. Report back in as soon as you can.


I’ve had this procedure and lived to tell the tale. However, the cramping after the procedure made me wish I hadn’t for a few hours. Oh, and I still have periods, although not so heavy as before, but I really wish I’d gotten the optimum results they kept telling me were possible. I had mine done through a study they were doing at the Cleveland Clinic, they were comparing roller ball and microwave (endometrial?) ablation. Don’t know which one I had, so maybe that would have made a difference? Anyway, I’m sending positive vibes to you and the anathesiologist. Did I spell that right? Good luck! You’ll be much happier after, really!

Thanks, all. That is very kind of you.

I made brownies today and bought some ice cream–just in case! I think I am having the microwave one (I thought it was a laser, but there’s my ignorance). I am also hoping for the end of any periods, thankyouverymuch. Have rented Life Of Brian and the Muppet Movie (for my 7 year old-we’ll just curl up and watch the day away…).

Cramping sounds somewhat ominous–I had horrible cramping after the diagnostic US…I think I will try to stay asleep…when I was in college, I slept thru almost every hangover I had. I hope to do the same here.

Sending best wishes your way. I’ve never had the procedure, but I can relate extremely well to what has led you to this step.

Please let us know how you’re doing when you’re feeling able.

I remember having my wisdom teeth out. The scariest part was having to read that sheet with all the bad things that could happen to me :eek:


I will send good thoughts your way.


For what it is worth, Mrs. Vorlon had this done a few years ago, for the same reason. After the post op period, she has been period free for over two years. They used the boiling water method on her, not the radio-frequency cooker. She was tender for a while, as they sniped heer at the same time, after not being able to get a second Essure in her (fibroids). Only problem was they started her blood thinners up too soon, and a second trip to the land of designer lingerie was called for.

With luck, just think of all the money you will be saveing not haveing to buy expensive ‘products’ every month.

Best of Luck and a Perfect Procedure and Speedy Recovery!

Also, please follow this up for us- I’m thinking of having an EA in the next year.

Good luck, Eleanor! I’ll be thinking of you. Let us all know how you’re feeling afterwards. And remember: painkillers are your friend! :smiley:

Sure would be nice if I could sleep–this hurts! I have really really bad cramps. I usually don’t have bad cramps, so YMMV. I asked for pain relief in recovery room (the nurses, 2 of whom I used to work with, wanted to give me morphine–these are my kind of people!), doc looked surprised and ordered 2 Tylenol #3’s.

Now, I have had #3 in the past with no problem–it’s a good analgesia. But I might as well have taken a placebo. I called the docs office and was told ES Tylenol or Motrin. I am not taking ES Tyl–I like my liver, thank you. (I ahve already had close to a gram of it, and ES each tab is 1/2 a gram. An adult can have up to 4 grams a day, but I would prefer not to do so; plus it’s not working.)

I might try the Motrin in a few minutes–I just wish I could sleep–I got less than 5 hours last noc; I am tired. I feel like an ADD kid–I can’t concentrate on anything, yet can’t doze off.

Anyway, the cramps are not really cramps–more like a constant grinding above my pubic bone (sorry if TMI). Eating fine, no problems there–I just am not comfortable. I am spotting a bit, nothing major. No "fun"for at least 2 weeks, no bath or tampon usage either–I hope to never see a tampon again, frankly!

Hope this answers any questions. Oh, and I complimented my nurses on an excellent job–they were so glad that I did. It was like I gave money away. So, next time you are treated by a nurse and s/he does a good job–please praise her. We don’t get enough positive strokes. [end of commercial/charity plea]

hugs See? You made it through okay :wink: Take it easy and be well!

Sorry you’re in pain. I had a D&C years ago, and I sympathize. Heating pads seemed to help me a bit. Tylenol doesn’t do a thing for me, either, except for fevers.

Ixnay on the heating pad–or the hot bath, both of which would do the trick, I’m sure.

I do feel better after Motrin.

I have finally put my finger on how I feel–I feel stoned. But sadly, stoned with bad hash.

Off to try to nap again.
and they say the internet is addicting…sillies.

eleanorigby I had one about a year and a half ago. It was scarey but I had no cramping and didn’t need any pain meds. It was the best thing I could have done. I will send good wishes to the sleeper and you.