Ask the girl who just had an ablation

Endometrial, that is. I just had the procedure done today and glad to answer questions if anyone has them.]]Whee, my very first “ask the” thread!

Did they do it with a local, or did they knock you out?

[creeped out by the thought of being conscious during]

That’s a similar procedure to a D&C, right? They did that to me, back when they were trying to determine the location of my fibroid, and to get rid of the excess lining that wasn’t shedding during my monthly cycle to prevent infection. It wasn’t too bad, as I recall. I was glad I didnt have to have a Foley catheter while at home. They put me clear under for mine. I’m remembering it and contrasting it with my later partial hysterectomy though, and thinking the D&C really wasn’t much worse than an icky (not bad) period during recovery.

What symptoms caused you to undergo this procedure? How much discomfort is there? How long did it take? I’ve only briefly read up on this when it was suggested to me by a friend as a cure for some extremely heavy periods…is it really done with hot water and a balloon, or another method? (Okay, I know it’s not a toy balloon, but that’s how it was described to me!) My doctor says I can’t have one because of my fibroids, so I’m kind of pouty since my friend describes hers as the best thing she’s ever done. How old are you?

I was given a general anesthetic for the procedure. They knocked me out with some “happy gas” and then placed an endotracheal tube.

I actually had a hysteroscopy, D & C, and Novasure ablation. The D & C is where they basically scrape away the lining of the uterus, and then the ablation part is done to create scarring so that it will not grow back (at least as much).

I had the procedure done to relieve my heavy, irregular periods, which have gotten particularly bad since the birth of my daughter last year. I am hoping for some relief from my PMDD symptoms as well, although my doctor was careful not to make me any promises with regard to that. She did say that some patients tell her their PMS is a lot easier to cope with since they know they won’t have to deal with the cramping and heavy bleeding every month.

The entire procedure took about 40 minutes, I think, but the ablation part actually only took about 2 minutes. There are ablations that are done with hot water, but the Novasure procedure uses a type of microwave. I had absolutely no problem at all with the anesthesia, although many people are nauseated when they wake up. After the procedure I did have some moderate cramping; I rated it a 3-4 on a pain scale of 1-10. The nurses gave me some Demerol in the Recovery Room and then a Percoset before I went home. I’ve been taking Percoset about every 4 hours since I got home, but mostly as a prophylactic. I have had remarkably little pain, and very little bleeding either. I am thirty-one and have had a tubal ligation; the procdeure is NOT recommended for women who plan to become pregnant.

Did you try anything else before the ablation? I mentioned ablation to my doctor but she wants to try the Mirena IUD first. I’m skeptical 'cause it can cause acne and breakthrough bleeding.

I didn’t try anything else before having the ablation. I’ve been on BCP in the past and didn’t like the side effects, so the Novasure seemed like the best option, at least for me. If it doesn’t work and I donctinue to have the periods from hell, I’ll probably try the Mirena instead of an oral hormone in the hopes that the side effects will be less pronounced.

Who was the father? BF? Husband? How did he feel about this? How much input did he have? Did you see any piciters outside the clinic?

Uhh, I wasn’t pregnant. I had an ablation, not an abortion. The ablation was done in order to relieve my horrible periods; the D&C was done as a routine part of the procedure. It was done as an outpatient at a local hospital, so no picketing or anything. And my husband was 100% supportive, since he ALSO suffers from my bad periods :wink:

Don’t feel bad. I read it that way at first too.

From the Wiki:

Or, in this case, the uterus.

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:smack: But, but, are you sure you didn’t mean oblation?!

It wasn’t very funny.

How long before you can expect to return to work?

Is it likely to affect your future fertility?

She was a girl from BirmingHAM! She just had an ablaTION!

Yeah, make it nonexistant. You don’t get it done unless you’re absolutely positive you’re done having kids or you dont’ want any. It destroys the lining of the uterus.

My doctor told me I could return to work in two days; I had the procedure done on a Thursday just so I would have the weekend to recover.

Endometrial ablation is only done for women who are not planning to become pregnant ever again, because pregnancy following the procedure is dangerous for both mother and fetus. It was a non issue for me, since I had a tubal ligation following the birth of my daughter last April.

I had the Novasure ablation last year and I had a couple of complications.

One, that the procedure is good for endometrial cavities up to 10 cm and I was right on the borderline, so the Doc almost aborted the procedure once I was knocked out. Two, that I have and incompetent cervix (althought the rest of me rocks) and they had to tie my cervix onto the trochar so the baloon could be expanded…Ick. And finally, I got a post op pyelonephritis that sent me back to the ER for IV antibiotics. Gah, I was so sick!

Would I do it again?

Heck, yeah!

I just did the cryoablation procedure Her Option. With Ultrasound Guidance. I was awake throughout. Cramped like the dickens for the next six hours then off and on for the next weekend. But I have bled since the procedure-3 weeks now. And my GYN says to expect to continue to bleed because it is a wound healing up. It may take 6 months to fully heal. But if it knocks down the horrible periods (and this month’s was less, as advertised) to like what I had during 10th grade then I can cope until I can have a hysterectomy in 18-24 months.