So I bought a can of French's onions. Now what?

I bought them for a specific purpose. By the time I actually acquired the can, I had completely forgotten what that was. :smack: I must’ve seen something on Food Network, or ran into a recipe online, or something like that. Anyway, I turn now to the collective appetites of the Dope: does anyone like using canned onions for anything? It seems like they would make a good breading.

In fact, that may have been the original recipe I’d seen, something where you roll chicken or fish in it and bake … ?

Mine never last long enough to use them in anything. Sprinkle on top of a casserole or skillet dinner?

Crush them and use them to coat chicken before putting in the oven, kinda like Shake n Bake?

Ours generally end up just eaten out of the can.

If bad goes to worse, use them to play horseshoes on a candle or something.

I’ve seen them on top of cheesy casseroles and in green bean dishes.

Does the can offer any bizarre things you might experiment with?

ETA: Believe it or not, I just now spotted your username! It must have work on me subconsciously. Really!

Green bean casserole

The only recipe I know that uses them is Green Bean Casserole. I make the Cook’s version, which is much better than the standard canned beans/canned soup - except that I add French’s Onions. Because it just ain’t right without those.

Also, I eat them on salads. I love salads, but dietetic mine are not.

I remember my mom would always crush up the onions and use them to coat a cheeseball. Very tasty.

On top of mac and cheese they’re pretty good too. But I often end up eating them out of the can.

I’d say it’s a toss-up between French’s Onions and those little potato sticks that also come in a can. Whose are they? I want to say French’s there, too.

Pik Nik.

[li]Open the can.[/li][li]Put your hand in and fish some onions out.[/li][li]Put them in your mouth.[/li][li]Move your mouth back and forth and let the onions slide down your throathole.[/li][/ol]
Repeat Steps 2-4 until you are full or hurl.

To avoid hurling, layer a large, juicy cheezburger underneath your onions and chase with a pint or two of cold brewski. Does wonders to settle the stomach.

Also French’s. If we have Pik-Nik in this area I just haven’t noticed them. I’ll look next time I’m at Kroger. Thanks!

I like to toast them in the toaster oven before snacking on them. They’re good on salads, too.


I put them on French dip sandwiches.

I am going to try this!

You’re in luck…

I once had candy made from French fried onions. It was mixed in some kind of white candy coating. It wasn’t bad, but I can’t find any recipe online.

They’re also good on salads, depending on the dressing. They go really well with french.

If these are like dry, (deep) fried onions, the tradition in the Netherlands is to put broken, crunchy fried onion on Nasi (fried rice with veggies and some meat). Preferably accompanied with a peanut sauce and/or a fried egg. This is a “Dutchified” Indonesian style dish. Very tasty.

I also suspect that it would taste very good on some salads (like crunchy bacon bits).

The Korean grocery store sells big bags of these, but I don’t know what they use them on.