So I Bought a Home Recording Rig

I recently bought an M-Box, a little recording interface that comes with Protools, Ableton Live and Reason. It took a bit to figure out how to use the stuff. I haven’t had a chance to finish anything yet (too busy playing with it to focus on actually finishing a song. That and my singer hasn’t given me the words yet so I don’t know how long to make verse, choruses etc)

Anyway, here are a couple rough drafts. Let me know what you think.


The intro solo is kinda flakey, it was one take and I was really tired…

Brys Heavy Tune

Obviously I need to finish but I am waiting on lyrics. I also need to add a noise gate on the guitar.

Just A Moment
I need to redo the intro (note to self, always do the drum track FIRST) as it is a little off. Also waiting on lyrics.

Now I am going to go record something else.