So I called the cops on someone tonight(long)

Bit of background.

A few months ago I was in the local video/dvd shop looking for some dvds to buy or rent and there was this young guy (around 18 I reckon) buying a Xbox and a few games with his card. He then bought a pay as you go mobile phone and a few DVD’s. I couldn’t find anything I wanted so walked up the road to another vid place. While I was browsing the shelves in came the same guy and he started buying big again on his card, Hmmm I thought there’s a kid with his first card going insane. I moved on and forgot about it.

Fast forward a few months. Tonight I enjoyed a good night in the pub with my mate and then went to the chipper to get some fish and chips. In walks the same kid(he had a big bandage on his finger with blood seeping through) trying to sell packs of cigarettes to the guys behind the counter and all the customers waiting for food. No one took him up on his offer. He had a big bag in his hand and out of it he took a mobile phone still in the box and tried to sell that. He had a real air of desperation about him.
Nobody took him up on this offer either. He left but came back a few minutes later trying again to sell his shit. He eventually ended up standing in a corner crying and counting money. I reckon he had a few grand cash on him. Everyone found the walls and ceiling interesting while he was crying. He left again.

I got my food and left. The kid was outside crying sitting on the kerb. I asked him was he alright. “Grand” he said. “Bollocks” I said.

“I’m in trouble mate” he said. “How much do you owe” I asked. “Too much, and this time they’ll take more than the top of my finger” :eek:

I left him and came home. I then called the local copshop and told the cop what I’d seen and the back-story. I feared a kid that desperate would do something silly like mug someone and hurt them. The cop said they’d try to find him and have a “chat”.

I hope the kid works shit out but I fear for him. :frowning:

Oh, my gosh! That’s terrible! It’s the kind of thing you see in a movie, and think it could never really happen.

I hope the poor kid finds someway out of this.

Sorry to say this, but it seems (if your cops are as bad as ours) that: The kid=broken knee caps.

If hes lucky. All depends on who he owes the money to.

Yeah I think so too. The cops can’t do much to help him I’d say but as I said I was also worried about him taking his trouble to other people. Maybe if he gets a bit of attention by a passing copcar he might not.

Sad as fuck. There are some real bastards in this city and if he owes them he’s in a world of shit.

Now I’ve just got Eric Roberts* screaming “THEY TOOK MY THUMB” going through my brain :frowning:

*In The pope of Greenwich Village

Oh, geez. crosses fingers and prays

Poor kid. Hope things work out for him.

Poor kid.
I don’t know which gardai station you went to, I hope they’re not too jaded. I’ve always liked the ones we’ve called to deal with our neighbours, so they could well do some good.

I hope the poor kid isn’t on heroin, there’s a 2 year waiting list for the methadone programme, and if he’s put in jail for any of the shady dealings with the phones, credit cards and cigarettes, he won’t get methadone until he gets out.

But at least it’s better than what the guys he owes would do to him.

A 2 year waiting list??! Shit, that’s terrible.