So, I did not die

Most of you likely have not noticed me here at the SMDB, but I was here in the AOL days, and I am a '99er. I read here every day but I do not post much.
Sunday morning about 7.00 I woke up with crushing chest pain. I woke the Incomparable Sunflower up and she got me to the ER, running three red lights, withing 20 minutes of the first chest pain. An emergency catheterization showed a 90% blockage in my left descending coronary artery (often called “The Widow Maker”) They put in a stent and I was in my room recuperating shortly thereafter. BY 2.00pm Monday, I was home. I feel a little weak and frail, but I am going back to work next Monday.

Thank you, my precious love, for saving my life…

Sending out a wish for a speedy recovery!

I’m so glad you’re okay and also hope you’ll be back to fighting shape very soon. Be well, my friend.

congrats on not dying and your SO quick action.

Hooray for the Incomparable Sunflower and your full recovery.

Just remember, this never would have happened if you posted here more. :wink:

Incomparable, indeed.

Get well soon.

Hooray for not-dying!

And your Sunflower is indeed kickass but might I suggest a call to 911 for an ambulance in the future? Poorly-timed red light running might have resulted in a fender-bender and a fatal delay, or more ambulances. Nevertheless, congratulations on remaining in the land of the living.

Hey, good job on that not dying thing and on that choosing a smart SO thing, too!

Big deal-I’ve not died for 55 years in a row, and not one of you ungrateful shits have seen fit to congratulate me. :smiley:

Seriously though, way to go! I do hope you reconsider going back to work on Monday-the extra day of rest will do you a world of good.

Glad to hear that you are ok!

Yay! I’m feeling quite bitchy and out of sorts today, jumping through all kinds of hoops for heart tests, but you’ve reminded me that catching a heart problem early (you know, before you die) is a Good Thing. :slight_smile:

I’m glad you went to the hospital instead of starting a thread- “Having crushing chest pains, need answer fa”. Good for you for not dying.

How do we know you are telling the truth?


Congrats on dodging that bullet! Well done to your spouse too!

Also, back to work next week? What are you, Superman? Take a break would ya? Give yourself an extra week off, what say? Not like anyone will be complaining. Such opportunities are rare, I’m just saying. Relax a little, do some reading, sleep late, cook something yummy, watch some old movies, the week will fly by!

And consider purchasing a lottery ticket, you’re clearly a very lucky man!

Glad to hear your news !

Sending good thoughts to yours and Sunflowers way.

Cook something yummy? Oh no, those days are over- doctor’s orders. Only broccoli and squash from now on! Life will hardly seem even worth living!


Don’t you dare die on me, you sonofabitch! I have few enough friends already!

Not dying kicks ass. Keep it up!

Yeah, like silenus said, you can’t croak on me yet.
You’re the first person I knew here.

Very glad to hear the outcome but not the news.
You have one peach of a spousal-unit.

Glad to hear you’re on the mend, friend.