Six months ago I did not die....

Six months ago, I had a heart attack. So I did not die

After going home, I enrolled in a six week cardiac rehab program at the hospital. It focused on life style changes including diet and exercise. I was grateful to be alive and paid pretty close attention to the program. When it ended I went back to my gym and started a new effort.

Six months later, I am doing five miles a day on the elliptical (my old knees do not tolerate jogging well) using the program that randomly changes the resistance level. I am paying pretty close attention to what I eat. I am working hard at it.

I am down 33 pounds, and my energy level is higher than ever. A week from Tuesday, I go back to the doctor to see how my blood work is responding to this.

One more time: I owe my life to the Incomparable Sunflower, my beautiful wife, who got me to the hospital in record time and has been there for me through all of this.

I am the most fortunate of men.

Good for you. :smiley:

Wow, sounds like you’re doing a great job of not dying! Keep it up!

Well done, hope you have many many great years ahead of you.

Funny, I didn’t die 6 months ago, either. Mind you, it was a day like any other, but still.

Congratulations on still be above ground.


Congratulations on surviving, and taking strides to keep on surviving.

Yes, you are.

I got a bit teary-eyed reading this.
I am grateful that you survived.
You are genuinely lucky to have a mate like the Incomparable Sunflower.

For whatever it’s worth, reading your post changed me from thinking I might possibly exercise today to being determined that I will.

I’m glad you did not die, and that things seem to be going well.

More good news, my friend.

Well done! Congratulations on not dying and then consequently doing better at living!

Good on ya, longhair75! Here’s to many, many more happy and healthy years ahead.

Hey, me too!

I had a heart attack almost 8 years ago.

I’ve been slipping back into the bad habits.

You just gave me the inspiration to get back on track.

Not everyone who has a heart attack “almost dies”. I had one nearly 48 years ago and haven’t done most of those things. I do, however, try to walk 3 - 4 miles every day. In fact, I am about to go out now.

Good luck

Try to remember to not die tomorrow. And the day after that…

Sure, that’s what all the dead guys say!

Just kidding, naturally. Glad you’re still here :smiley:

maybe you did die and this is all a dream. Have you seen any smoke monsters or polar bears?

I just got back from my cardiologist. It reminded me that I should congratulate you on your milestone.

Thank you all for you kind thoughts here