So I dyed my hair this morning...

This is really searching the depths of mundane and pointless. I dyed my hair red this morning because I was bored. Relevent pictures here.

I like it because it’s not too obvious in the front. Or, as my friend put it, “business in front, party in back.” I sarcastically thanked him for describing my hair in the same terms one would use for a mullet.

I have no idea what my mother is going to say, which is why I did this at school. It’s not like she can ground me.

Looks good! Not the shade of red that makes people think you ripped off an earring or anything. :smiley:

Honestly, it looks good. Looks natural on you.
I bleached my hair once, but it’s so dark it would only turn orange. SO I dyed it red. It did NOT match me.

Hehe, as natural as bright red can look, I suppose. Just call me “Ketchup head”; one of my friends already does.

I should clarify. The brown part (the majority of my head) is natural–that’s not dyed. I just did the bright red bits.


I swear I’m not color blind.

I think it looks cool.

I’m pondering dying my hair black cherry, or maybe indigo again. More likely black cherry, or some natural shade of red (I look good with red hair, but with the lack of lots of sun this season my hair hasn’t headed that route naturally). I’m too chicken to go really out there with my hair colours.

Still think yours looks cool though.