Should I dye my hair (with picture!)?

I’ve dyed my hair blonde several times and went a few years with a shaved head, but recently I’ve felt like doing something different with my head, like dying reddish-brown. The worst thing that can happen is that I hate it and shave it off again. Still, that’s pretty bad as I kinda like having hair these days.

On that note this is me, looking more weaselly than usual and holding the dye I’m planning on using. What say you, yay or nay?

Well first, dang you are cute!

Second, at least in the picture, that hair color looks a bit blah. I think with your amazing eyes, you would look drop dead gorgeous with a darker version of that color, more along the auburn line.

Seriously, you are CUTE.

That colour will be too light on you and you will look creepily like my twin - that’s my natural hair colour and our eyes are very similar in colour. Except I’m a girl and stuff. As Contrary said, go darker, more brown.

Give some serious thought to the fact that it won’t match your eyebrows.

I agree that darker would be better. And yeah, you’ll have to dye your eyebrows unless you want to look really strange.

Isn’t that quite dangerous (or do I take the warnings on the box too seriously?)
I vote no. Because your hair is so lovely and naturally light, it’s going to come out bright as hell. Unless you don’t mind the punky look.

Personally, I don’t think men look good with dyed hair. YMMV. You’re plenty handsome as is. If you do dye it, I agree with the suggestion to go darker, which would really bring out your eyes.

How do you know? You don’t think men look good with noticeably dyed hair, I think you mean.

Good point. Although unless **Priceguy ** also dyes his eyebrows, it’s going to be pretty noticeable that his hair is dyed.

Well, wow. I thought that was a pretty crappy picture, so now I don’t know if you would really think I’m cute or if it’s just what I look like there.

Opinion seems to lean towards darker and auburn. I’ll mull it over. Do you really think my eyebrows will look that weird?

Try the dye without doing your eyebrows and find out. :smiley:

(I think I’d vote for darker, too - blue-eyed brunettes are usually very striking.)

Another vote for cute.

How about some highlights? I’m not crazy about the red.

I vote for brightening up your blond, I think, rather than going dark. There are so few people with naturally dark hair and such pale eyes. The ones I’ve known have all turned out to have dyed their hair.

Um… so what color is it naturally?

You’re never going to convince anyone you aren’t playing with your hair, so go ahead and have fun. Have you considered dying one lock of hair a different color, so everyone knows you’re playing with your hair and not trying to pass off a bad dye job?

Nothing worse than a guy with a bad dye job.

You’re looking at it.

Not that color, no.

Hair? What hair? All I could see were those eyes.


falls over

See? Not just me, you have some really amazing eyes.

No. Not that shade.

I had that shade for a few years; it does look really funny if you don’t dye your eyebrows; & even if you do, it doesn’t last long.

I vote for bleached blonde. I think it suits you better. YMMV

Wow. Most definitely, those eyes are gorgeous.

As a girl who has dyed her hair a million different colours a million different times, I’m putting in a vote for “DON’T DYE YOUR HAIR THAT COLOUR!!!”. As Cat Fight said, with your hair naturally that light, it’ll be bright for a week or two, then probably wash out to a clownish orange.

Even though you have light coloured hair, your eyebrows are pretty visible, so they could stand up to your hair being darkened a few shades. Most blondes I know have invisible eyebrows, but looking at your other photos (…not stalking, I swear!), your brows are pretty distinctive, especially from further away. I agree with other posters in this thread who are saying to go a bit darker, your eyes will stand out even more.