so I finally saw Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows part 1

I was waiting for it to come to the cheap theater here, and it finally did but then I was surprised that they raised the price from $3 to $4 I feel betrayed.

The movie was ok I guess. I wasn’t really impressed. The other movies I saw when they first came out, and I was really excited for them. By this time, the excitement has died down (and maybe I just don’t like Harry Potter as much as I used to).

But like all the other movies, this one feels very rushed. I feel like I would be very confused had I not read the book and knew what was going on. And I feel like the movie ruins the suspense and pacing of figuring stuff out and camping and whatnot.

Hopefully part 2 will be better since there is less stuff (I think) to include in it.

I liked the scene with Bella and Hermione that was pretty hot.
Also the lighting seemed dark. Some scenes were supposed to be in the dark obviously, but even scenes with them in broad daylight seemed to have a dark tint to them. Maybe it was supposed to fit in the mood of the film, but also it seems that all movies nowadays have to make it dark. Did anyone else notice it was dark?

If you saw it at a cheap theater, I would bet they used a dim bulb to project it. They think it saves money, which it doesn’t, and it provides a dark picture.

it’s been a few months since I’ve been there, but I don’t recall it being dark before

also, I don’t get what happened to Wormtail in the movie. He opened the cellar door and then light hit him and he collapsed. Did Dobby kill him with magic?

We just saw it today, too (for the same reason) - yes, it was a VERY dark movie (in colour and tone). My complaint would be that cutting the book into two movies left too many loose ends (sort of naturally, but still). It was still pretty good, anyway (but I am getting sick of Ron the Whiner).

I thought it was a pretty lousy movie. Too dark, too slow. I can only hope the second part redeems it.

My wife disagrees with my assessment.

I forget how the movie handled it but in the book he hesitates when Harry reminded him that it was he that had spared his life, and in doing so the hand replaced by Lord Voldemort strangles him dead.

yes I know what happens in the book for I am a true fan

I’ve generally liked the movies better than the book. I thought the author grossly exaggerated everything out of proportion. The screenplays cleaned them up nicely. However, the last book was, IMO, a screenplay nightmare to work with… I would have done the opening scene from the perspective of Malfoy and left out the snake coming at the audience. That seemed amateurish to me. There was no way to convey the desperation of the wandering scenes. And unlike the other movies, this is all business. Harry’s 17th birthday was a deadly end to his childhood. No more quidditch. He’s off to war with an official kiss farewell by his childhood love.

The movie may have been a little darker than it needed to be. That stuff usually bugs the crap out of me particularly when it gets recorded for home distribution. The last movie was a little dark. I had to max out the contrast on an early Plasma TV to see parts of it.

Yeah, the movie was crazy dim. I eventually got used to it. I dunno, I liked it - I did feel you got a hint of just how awful and desperate the whole thing was, especially with Hermione’s family.

The first half of the book “Deathly Hallows” was probably the most boring segment in the books. I was not surprised to find that the movie “Deathly Hallows, Part 1” was the most boring movie.

I don’t think so. I think he survived the movie, which is really weird considering that is his death scene in the book.

Exactly. I wonder if they thought a man strangling himself to death is too violent for a movie like this. They made a point of showing him, though, so I assume he will die in the finale.

In my mind, “Deathly Hallows” is the “sitting around in a tent, waiting for something to happen” book. Going in with that opinion, the movie was pretty good.

Agree with the “too dark” comments. I hate that in a movie. I always want to say “I have seen Ingmar Bergman’s work; you sir, are no Ingmar Bergman.”

I think the snake crawling toward the audience is an artifact of the original intention to make this a 3D movie. I think a lot of the woods scenes would have worked better in 3D as well. (The dancing bit especially.) I’m glad they decided not to do it if it wasn’t working, but there are confusing remnants of the intention left in it’s wake.

I thought it sucked big time. The dancing bit was weird and awkward. The vision of naked Harry and Hermione was weird and awkward. And all the travelling around the UK in a tent was boring.

You got a hint of it, but then they sort of dropped it - I think they could have spent more time with near constant reminders that things were really friggin’ GRIM in both the Muggle and Wizarding worlds - you’ve got to go deep into the depths for your catharsis.

I also thought the Harry and Hermione dancing in the tent scene was weird and awkward - I almost burst out laughing when Harry started doing the White Man’s Overbite (and I don’t think that’s what they were going for).

ETA: White Man’s Overbite for the non-When Harry Met Sally fans.