So I guess I have a sister. She's 18.

I’ve always kind of wanted a younger sister. Didn’t know I’ve always had one, though. Oh yea, and my biological dad is dead…

Anyone else got any surprises for me?

Not for you, but somewhere out there I have a half brother who is five years older than me. No idea of name or geographic location but I always thought it would be really cool to meet him. He would be about 53 now.

Luke…err Bear…I am your father.
I’ve always wondered if I have any half siblings out there. My bio dad was about 20 when my mom knew him so he had ample opportunity to get married and have kids. Plus he was from the coal mine area of eastern Kentucky so it’s highly likely.

When my wife was 22-ish, she learned that she had 2 1/2 siblings aged 15 and 13. And that her dad - who was still married to her mom - was married to their mother. Fun times indeed.

How old was the half-sibling?

Oh, wait…

My father supposedly had a son in Vietnam that made his way to the US – we have no idea if that is true or how to find out. There is also another story that my dad’s first wife was pregnant when they divorced. I may have 2 older siblings I have never met. Since my dad is dead, I have no way of ever really knowing, either. Have you met the sister? Is she cool? Tell us about her.

I most probably have families on both sides of my birth parents as I am adopted.
It would be fun to meet them, but if they are messed up, I’d rather take a pass.

How did you find out this information? Have you met her, are you going to?

There’s a possibility, small but not nonexistent, that I may have a half-brother several years older than me. It kinda felt like the world tilted a bit, when the possibility presented itself; “only child” had became so much a part of my identity by that point that changing it seemed like it would alter everything else I knew about my childhood.

Is she hot?

[Runs away.]

Heh-heh…you beat me to it.

I have half siblings on both sides.

My mother had two sons long after me, they are useless at best and any day I expect them to be knocking at my door asking for money.

My father…I don’t know if his kids ever even knew about me. I know his wife, who was not my mother (yup!) knew of my existence, though I don’t know if she knew I was a girl or boy. I often wonder what they’re like. But they would probably be horrified to find their father had fathered a child out of wedlock.

I visited my father about 3 years ago in Texas. He had a step-daughter who has always liked me. My stepmother asked me to get a virus off of their computer and I asked for all of the passwords which she gave to me. I went to the bathroom and my 17 year old stepsister decided to go through her mother’s e-mail. In it was her medical history being sent somewhere listing her true father as a sperm donor. Her supposed father was dead and she couldn’t stand him and she seemed to be happy about the situation. She confronted her mother about it and it was confirmed.

The story was told in Cosmo magazine a couple of months ago although I could never find the right copy.

You have to know my family to realize how weird this is. My father has THE BIG SECRET that even my mother refuses to tell. The stories of alcoholism, cocaine addiction, affairs with two cousins, infidelity, kidnapping, derailing a train as a child, and many, many other similar things are free for anyone to talk about. However, there is THE BIG SECRET that is forbidden for anyone to ever talk about. The only think I can ever come up with is a half-sibling somewhere.

When my dad died in California, his friend sent me his personal papers. Seven divorce decrees, and two of them mentioned children (boys, one older than me, one younger) who I didn’t know existed. I found one and wrote to him but he didn’t respond.

Do you know where she is? Are you going to contact her?

I have a close relative that found out at age 40 that he had four first cousins who were also his half-siblings.

The strange thing was that, so far as he said, he seemed to have been the only one in the whole family who didn’t know.

My (now 24-yr-old) son met his younger half-sister a couple of years ago. It was kind of cool, but they don’t see each other that much as far I know.

No, but I really want to.

She is going to college in New York. I don’t know what you’d consider contact. I’ve friended her on myspace, and I’m waiting to chat with her. Yea, I know. OMG, LOL!!!11

Apparantly she has always known that she has a couple older brothers. My bio dad told her our names and that we live in Florida.
The girl is 18 and starting college this semester, so my guess is that it’s the time for exploration. I dont know if she’s ever attempted to look for us before, but maybe the whole being away at college has sparked an interest in searching.

She found my oldest brother. His myspace name is simply NENNO, so how hard could that be to find… more reason why I think she didn’t attempt to look until now that she is away at college and on her own.
She sent a message to my brother asking “Are you my brother?” She told him her Dad’s name and she knew mine, my brothers’ and my mother’s name.
I dont know anything about her mom, or what kind of life she’s lived. But the brief look I took at her myspace, and knowing she’s in college, I think she’s doing well.
I don’t know what kind of relationship, if any, she and my bio dad had. I also found out my bio dad died in 2002.
All this I found out via messenger from my sister-in-law. I think only one of my brother’s has talked to the girl yet. I can’t wait to talk to her.

She is really pretty, seems happy, she’s in college and I’m already proud she’s my sister. Its weird, but I already want her to be my sister and not just some stranger who has some random thing in common with me. I don’t know if we’ll ever have that, or if she’ll just be some person I happen to know about who lives in New York. Ya know?

I intend to meet her. I’d rather it be sooner than later, but well, I live in Germany (tehcnically). After I actually talk with her, I am going to offer to fly her over here to Europe for her spring break to meet me and my wife and visit Paris, and Prague and stuff. I am not sure what her plans would be, but I have a feeling she’d be interested. And I’d love to talk to her face to face. I have so many questions to ask her.

Did you find her in Iraq? Now that is one hell of a coincidence…

Funny thing is, this girl has a younger brother too. He’s 18. I dont really care though… I already have brothers. Ha!

Ummm… I’m your brother, too. Go ahead and send over the plane tickets so we can talk about …stuff.

You didn’t know about your dad’s death until now? At the risk of being presumptuous, I gotta ask – how do you feel about that? I wasn’t close to my dad at all, but his friend started searching for his family as soon as he died, and I would have expected nothing less.