So I have new glasses

I went to a small local shop instead of one of the discount places. I paid a heck of a lot, but the difference is absolutely remarkable. My old pair I bought at a large regional one-hour place. They were OK, but in just three years, the lenses are getting milky. They always seems dirty. When the optician put the new pair on me, it was as if there were no lenses in the frames. The new pair was a about three times the price, but I’m already pretty happy with them. I got great service, a good fitting and an awesome pair of spectacles.

In about 2 weeks, call the place where you bought them, and tell them that. You will make the optician happy for days on end, and by doing so, cause him/her to provide even better service.

Honestly, we usually don’t hear from the patients who are happy. But if a screw comes loose, we’re getting all sorts of complaints.

Happy Vision!

BTW, that “milky” appearance on the old lenses could be the result of having cleaned them with something you were never told not to use. For instance, don’t use Windex on plastic or polycarbonate lenses. It eats the surface. I try to remember to tell my patients that.

I paid a good bit more than I really should have for new glasses a few months ago - my earlier glasses, which I got c. 1992, finally gave up the ghost. My optician didn’t have any frames I liked, and let me know - as tactfully as he could - that my tastes were a bit too retro for their inventory. So I found a really cool pair (or so they seem to me) through a catalog.

If you wear glasses a lot, or daily, I think it’s worth splurging a little.

I have horrible eyesight. My glasses always cost a fortune. I went to one of the one hour places one year to get prescription sunglasses when they had the “two pair for $100” or something - my lenses jacked that price up to $500+. I go to a small local optometrist normally and I love it. They always have plenty of awesome black frames to choose from - on pair 4 now and I get new specs every two years. And they let me slide one last time for the eye dilation. I hate doing that. Next time I HAVE to, though.

But yeah, local small shop all the way. And the lobby is neat - all pictures of old mob scenes and stuff, haha.

I wish money made the difference. Sometimes it’s just luck. I was having trouble with my bifocal contacts and even though I shopped around for a practitioner that wore contacts I kept getting brands I found uncomfortable. Then I got an Acuvue coupon and insisted it be honored, and it was so great. They are a lot thinner than the other bifocal contacts so they are almost unfelt in the eye.