So I hear there's 91% EMPLOYMENT in this country. :)

Ah well. I’m sure this will come across as bragging, but I just feel like talking about it. And it’s pretty mundane, so here we go.

I signed paperwork for my new job today. I wasn’t out of work, or underemployed, but I didn’t like my job. I’ve never been unemployed against my will. I hope it never happens, but I have a strong feeling that I’ve got enough of a varied background to prevent it.

So the new job will actually have all the things that my current job told me upon hiring I would have, but never received, and the best part is that I get to have my pay rate increased for the pleasure.

I’m a service technician for industrial equipment - recycling equipment mostly, but the skills pertain to any and all stationary equipment. I generally work on the road. Customer calls up, says their XYZ machine is acting weird, or outright broke, and I go figure out why and repair it. It requires knowledge of all the major disciplines, electrical, hydraulic, mechanical, welding. Well the asshats at my current job hired me to be an on the road service technician, and then I found out that they don’t even have a service department. Or a customer base to service. They talked a good game though about what they wanted me to do, and how often I would be on the road, blah blah. 7 months later, and I can still count each and every service call I’ve been to on two hands. How can I prove my worth to a company who doesn’t need me? Sure as hell can’t advance when there’s nothing going on as it is.

So I’m moving on.

The new company is already preparing the new service truck that I’ll be using, and outfitting it with new tools. The old company’s truck (singular) was full of junk and trash. The new company is gonna dispatch me from home. The old company had me sitting in the shop all day waiting for something to do. The new company actually has a 401k plan, and pays for half of all insurance deductibles. The old company wasn’t big enough to start a 401k plan, and insurance would have cost me over 25% of what they were paying me.

I dunno…I’m sure none of this matters to anyone who may read this. But it makes me happy, and I really feel bad that I can’t commiserate with all of you who don’t have jobs, or can’t get out of your current bad jobs. I send love your way from the other end of the karmic spectrum - and I hope things improve for everyone soon. It sure feels good when they do.


good deal

My congradulations. :slight_smile: