So I joined a dating site for 50+. O

And I’m learning so much about myself! I had just a few too many days off work and found myself joining ourtime. I’m not even sure I want to date, much less have a relationship, but it seemed like a good idea at the time. Have looked at lots and lots of profiles and come to realize a few things about myself:

  1. Men who describe themselves as “very romantic” kind of make me nervous. I suppose I’m NOT “very romantic” and have not, in fact, met very many men who truly ARE, and those men made me feel pressured. I’d guess that 90% of the profiles I read describe themselves as “very.” That strikes me as unrealistic, but maybe that’s just me.
  2. I love to be outdoors but I don’t like to hunt or fish and could not ever seriously date someone who hunts or fishes. I have a “thing” about hunters and fishermen and people who kill things, and yes, I realize how hypocritical that is in light of how much I love a good steak. It’s just my own hang up. But I am always attracted to guys who hunt and fish.
  3. I am HIGHLY attracted to guys who “love to ride motorcycles.” Which is a bummer, because you will not get me on a motorcycle short of an apocalypse or million dollars. But every single picture that makes me go “Oooh! Nice looking guy!” is a guy who loves his Harley. I would not want to impose my non-motorcycle riding self on a guy who couldn’t share that with his girlfriend.
    I may never find a partner, but this is certainly interesting.

So all you are looking for is a guy who likes to wear camo and sitting in a tree but doesn’t hunt who also likes posing for pictures on motorcycles but doesn’t ride. How hard can that be?

Maybe I’m missing something, but isn’t “very romantic” code for “horny as a billygoat”?

I’m reminded of Northern Exposure. Holling had a camera mounted on a rifle stock; all the skill and outdoorsy-ness of hunting, but without killing anything (probably to appease Shelly). And Chris had a motorcycle in at least one episode, but the town was small enough that you could walk everywhere.

So, off you go, papergirl. Cicely, Alaska, is your kind of town.

Sometimes “very romantic” just means “very romantic.”

She could google “Swift Boat Posers” but she might have a minimum penis size requirement. Or any of those hunting gear phonies posing as “covered face” active duty members that seem to be all over facebook with loose-leaf written messages
to their Commander in Chief.

“I’m a Loyal American Patriot [SIZE=“1”]who screams like a little girl at combat with an enemy to be named later. If you agree, click ‘Like’.”[/SIZE] :rolleyes:

Oh yeah, which reminds me I’m also pretty wary of military types. Grew up with one, know a few, and generally just…wary.
I think I should just get another dog maybe.

I thought “very romantic” meant “full of shit.”

My first thought was “clingy and needy.”

I’m afraid it means something like “I want to buy you trashy skanky lingerie and then pout when it makes you feel trashy and skanky.”

I’m not really a very romantic person, I guess. If I want flowers, I can buy my own. If I want my boyfriend to buy me something, I’m capable of saying, “See this? I would like you to get me that for my birthday.” I don’t need rose petals on the bed or someone to run a hot bath for me, and when someone says “I like deep french kisses that last three days”, I want to gag.

I like the guys that say they are slightly romantic, late most of the time, and feel that meeting and getting to know someone is the only way to start a relationship. Those guys are few and far between.

Hmm. I always thought of it as “I’m going to make up some horse shit about how I love rose petals and candle-lit dinners and a bunch of other painfully cheesy and obviously-forced bullshit because chicks dig this, right?”

I thought “very romantic” meant “I will do everything you think you want but you’ll never know the real me until I tie you up and start ramming bamboo under your nails.”

Oh come on. I’m cuddly!

A suspicious number of them also “just enjoy cuddling on the couch” too.
Do you look like you ride a motorcycle without actually riding a motorcycle? That would be right up my alley!

I’ve had a few GFs that would never hop on my motorcycle to save their life. It never really bothered me much.

For me riding is more like a “zen” thing anyway. It’s something that I’d rather do alone.

That’s what she said.

Anyway I’m only 46 so my days of 50+ dating are far far away. He said trying to convince himself that 50 wasn’t just around the corner.

There’s a code for that now?

Excuse me, I need to go edit my profile.

But they do? Right? It does in the movies. . .

Well, I’m only 47 but I figured that was close enough…
FTR I have a female friend who loves the whole gamut of “extremely romantic” behaviors. Rose petals on the bed, chocolate-dipped strawberries, candles around the tub…she is practically incoherent when her fella does things like that. Meanwhile, I’m saying yeah but who takes good care of the dog? Who picks up Chinese food on the way home? That’s romance to me! Fix the ceiling fan and I may fall in love with you…I can draw my own bathwater!

Then it’s a good thing I’m already married for 36 years. We spent 20 of those years while I was in the military.

I ain’t romantic - just ask my wife.

I gave up hunting in the '70s as I wasn’t any good at it.

I do have a couple of bikes, but they are of the 10-speed (acutally 30-speed) variety which I ride about 4000+ miles a year. My wife says that my 59 YO body still looks good in skin tight lycra. Personally I think her 59 YO eyes have issues.