So, I just beat Civ 3 on Diety level.

And I did it in 680 BC. I’d tell you how, but Survivor comes on in 5 minutes.

Ok, the wife informs me that it isn’t Thursday until tomorrow, so I’ll have to wait a little for Survivor.

The details:

World Size: Tiny
Land: Pangaea/80% Ocean
Civilization: Romans
Barbarians: Raging

Pumped out an archer right away, then a barracks, then nothing but archers. Sent out the archer, found the English capital of London defended by a warrior, wiped them out. Researched to get Iron Working while pumping out archers in Rome and London. Find Washington, and waste four archers before killing the two spearmen. Discover that they’ve already built New York and Boston. Discover Iron Working and find an iron deposit already in Rome’s borders; connect it with a road. Start cranking out Legionaries. As each one is completed station them next to a barabarian camp until they become elite, then group them into fours. Send each group out against oposing cities. Take out New York and Boston hardly breaking a sweat. Now have four cities making legionaries.

By this time, I’d discovered the Greeks, and waste 4 legionaries against Thermopolye before realizing that the Greeks have hoplites rather than normal spearmen. Up the army size to 6 per group. Find and conquer Athens, Sparta, and Thermopolye, thinking I’ve won, only to discover Elephantine way over on the other side of the map. Surround it with a dozen legionaries, and take them out.

This basic setup has worked for me on every skill level. Unless you have to face Greek hoplites, it’s a cakewalk.

After experimenting a little, I’ve found that the strategy I listed above works well with three other civilizations: the Aztecs, with their Jaguar warriors, Babylonians, with Bowmen, and Persians, with Immortals.

Anybody have a different strategy they’ve found that works well?

Yeah, play like a REAL man with as many civilizations as possible! And try a little bigger world size, and maybe some continents!


I did play with the maximum number of civilizations possible. Three is the most allowed on a tiny map. Having played this strategy a few times, I can tell you that you’ll get two continents as often as one.

By the way, do you have a strategy to suggest, or did you just post so that you could criticize and call names?

You can create a scenario on a tiny map with 16 civilizations. You can also create really huge maps (256x256 as opposed to the 180x180 default Huge). Good times, good times…