The End of Rome is Near, or I'm Addicted to Civ3 (again!)

I have 144 units of Infantry descending on your cities. 45 bombers staged in cities I captured with measly riflemen in our recent skirmish in 1902. Now, 12 years later I will conquer you for the outrage of your overrun of my southern island colonies.

I have 6 aircraft carrier fleets, with roughly 90 fighters aboard around the planet. Your evil ally, Greece, shall not interfere on your behalf, or my honorable ally, England, will intercept your feeble movements. Then, I will rain destruction on your cities and enslave your population, and use them as conscripts to attack and eliminate Rome.

Either way, Rome, your ass is toast.



I haven’t played that game in months, but now I feel like firing it up again - especially since there’s been another patch since the last time I played.

I like how the tech development in CivIII is at least a little more realistic than in CivII, where I frequently developed nuclear weapons in the early 17th century…that made for some unbalanced wars.


Ahh the Civilization games. I havent played those in quite a while. The joy of building a huge force and killing oposing nations in less than 5 turns (luvin those railroads)

but nothing can beat watchign the replay after the game is over :smiley:

Must … fight … urge …
Need … sleep …

My Civ3 disc had taken up permanent residence in my computer, and I was going to work on only three hours of sleep because I could not stop trying different strategies. I finally managed to break free & haven’t played in almost a month (although the disc is still sitting in my CD-ROM drive).

Then you had to remind me …

Coincidentally enough, I have been playing Rome.

I haven’t played Civ3 myself, but one of my Australian friends told me some time ago just how addicting it can be… apparently, he had to wreak havoc with tanks to defend his territory. That’s all I know about the game!

Heh. The only other civ even remotely nearing modernization is my ally, England (since I graciously gave her several critical techs, since I really want a powerful ally).

All my troops are massed and ready to go. Now to instigate a war…

I’m waiting for the patch that lets me play John A. McDonald from the Empire of Canada.

We get the golden age bonus for law and good government.

I used to love the first Civ :slight_smile:

I had a blast when it was like 500bc and I had mechanized infantry <muwhwhahahah>

Chariots vs Tanks and airplanes.
alpha centauri is pretty good too… Usually that game is next to impossible to gain a solid tech advantage. (Freaking mind worms!)

I prefer the Persians myself, their Immortals are a great way to eliminate all my immediate neighbors early on so I can take over my home continent. They’re also an industrous civilization; two worker units can build a road in one turn and after a certain point one worker can build a railroad in one turn. So, by the time pollution becomes a problem, I have roads virtually everywhere and at least one railroad connecting all my cities.

I’m finding Civ III not as fun as Civ II. For one thing, it has a much blander look – more like Alpha Centauri than Civ II. The animated units are cool, but the dialogs are ugly. And I miss the quicktime advisors from Civ II, especially the foreign affairs cutie with her “there will be plenty of time to betray them later” purr.

But more importantly, the game play just isn’t as interesting. If you try to go for a non-military victory, it’s like playing a game of Sim City – basically hit return for 500 years. Corruption makes it impossible to spread a civilization any great distance. The advantages that the other Civs get are pretty blatant. Probably the most significant is that their galleys don’t seem to sink, so if you start on a small continent more than 3 squares from anywhere else, then by the time you get navigation, the entire world is populated.

I also don’t understand why you can’t use espionage on a civilization that you’re at war with. That doesn’t seem very realistic.

That is why you build the Lighthouse. IF you are playing on small continents or archipalego worlds, or if you see that you are on a small land mass, it behoovs you to build the lighthouse and Magellans expedition. Those wonders make it easier to conduct warfare a longway from home (just make sure that you take a port city of the enemy right away and garrison it).

The Forbidden Palace will solve much of the corruption if it’s built in the right place. I prefer to play with continents with the capital and its palace near one shore and the Forbidden Palace (essentially a second capital) near the opposite shore. You should always save your first Leader and have him build the Forbidden Palace in one turn once you’ve found a suitable location.

That’s assuming you GET a Leader. For me they never seem to pop up until modern eras…

Mad props for playing as Persians, though lately I’ve gone more Babylonian. The Scientific/Industrious is nice, but Religious/Scientific is more my style, especially in the modern era when I want to downshift from Democracy to a more war-oriented government and not spend ten turns waiting for anarchy to cease.

Now, if Civ3 would finally get that promised multiplayer patch, I’d be happy. Until then, it’s just Europa Universalis II for me. 1603, and my Turkish armies have captured Prague, Vienna, and Berlin - my goal is Paris by 1700 and London by 1800.

Occupying Rome, and abolishing the papacy, will be just a side trip, but a satisfying one.

True, leaders are hard to come by unless you have a Militaristic civilization. There was one game where I was in a nearly endless war with the Germans, Japanese, and the Romans; when I got close to eliminating one, I’d start on the next. By the time I got to the Romans, they had taken up the southern half of the continent, which was due in part to being my ally against the Japanese. With all that war, one of my Persian calvary was promoted to a Leader and I used him to build a Forbidden Palace in a city I had captured from the Romans not long ago. Unfortunately, I didn’t have a large enough of a garrison there and Ceaser reclaimed his property. I was able to reclaim it and somehow managed to have a second unit promoted to a Leader and rebuilt the Forbidden Palace. No, I wasn’t able to completely defeat the Romans, they somehow managed sail off and establish another city in a place where I wasn’t able to find.

I’m close to finishing up a game right now in which I’m the Aztecs. What’s pissing me off about the game right now is that you can’t end a fricking war.

The Germans declared war on me, and I sent over a few tanks and took about five of their cities on their continent. They sued for peace. Fine.

Only thing was, the cities I took blocked off Germany’s path to the English and Zulu, both of whom are fighting the Germans (actually, Germany is at war with everybody). I politely asked the Germans to get their troops off my property, and the morons declared war again.

So I’m steadily gobbling up more German cities (I just got modern tanks, while they are stuck at cavalry, probably because they have been fighting so much they aren’t doing research). But Bismarck won’t talk to me, despite the fact that it is soooo obviously in his best interests to make peace. I’ve now been in a war I don’t want to be in for about 20 turns, and my people are rioting all over the place. At this point, I’d offer Bismarck a lot to end the war, but he won’t even speak to me.

It’s an asinine glitch.


Espionage doesn’t work really well in wartime. Intelligence works OK in wartime, but to really do a good spy job, you have to have handlers in the target country (to recruit and collect), and that’s much harder to do during a war.

I was playing as the Americans because of the industriousness and expansionism, but I just got SO FREAKING TIRED of it taking forever and a month to change govt systems. So now I’m playing as the Egyptians. While their unique is largely shitty, they do work quickly and I’m well on my way to either a cultural victory (60 turns or so away) or … really anything else I want. The Aztecs bent over and I had my way with them, and England granted me right of passage not ten turns later, which was nice, so I captured the entirety of their civ (minus one city, surrounded by mountains, that I hadn’t seen) in one turn.

Base of three cavalry and two conscripted infantry per city. Add one cavalry per two citizens in the city, and two infantry per four citizens in the city. I use conscripts much like bombarders except they can become better, in which case they’re more useful. Plus they put up a fight if attacked.

Veterans stay in the city to quell the resistance, and elites go on to fight other wars. I haven’t yet gotten a leader in this game, but it’ll happen eventually.

“Base of three cavalry and two conscripted infantry per city.”

Per city I’m trying to take over. Difference, I realize:)

I have conquered 5 outlying Roman cities, and two major cities next to his capitol. He has hoards of knights and crossbowmen and whatnot. My Infantry hold up against maybe 8 of them (I have 4 leaders right now, time to go build an army unit or two) before they die, unless they get elite.

I lost 9 units of infantry, but built 22 more.

Greece predictably tried to interfere, but my squadrons of bombers destroyed a good 80% of their ground troops. My aircraft carriers are now moving to engage the Greek mainland, and I already mobilized several transports to capture 3 Greek island cities.

The war goes well, and operations should be concluded for a while after a couple turns (damn war fatigue)

By the way, I build up all my outlying, corrupt cities by buying everything.

I love making 800 gold a turn. :slight_smile: