So I love shoes...

And I’d just bought (on sale! 50% off) a beautiful pair of 4" hot pink, pointy toed stiletto mules criss-crossed with black patent straps. And I set them on the floor next to my computer (which is the same room as the floor length mirror). Life is good, I got new shoes, time to goof on the computer, and my two cats are sleeping at my feet. Dimly, in the background, I register chewing. I look down. My kitten is chewing on the toe of my new shoes!!! ARGH!! And was gonna wear 'em Friday to a party full of fabulous gay men who will now take one look at my feet and turn away in horror… :eek:

sooo, who’s gonna be the first to make the choo choo joke?

Arrggghhh! Bad kitty!

Were they Jimmy Choos? Because if the kitty did chew your Choo shoes, that is a very bad kitty, indeed.

You know, there was a thread on here a while ago about some women who were getting foot surgery just so that they could fit into Manolo Blahniks and Jimmy Choos. How horrifying, right? Well, I was at the Short Hills mall, and noticed that there was a Jimmy Choo store. So, I just had to go in and look at these shoes that were supposedly so great that women were having their pinky toes lopped off just to wear them. I was prepared to have a good laugh.

Until I saw the shoes.

Now, I can’t say that I approve of having your feet irreversibly altered in order to wear the latest fashion. But DAYUM! I sure understand the impulse. Those were some seriously bitchin’ shoes!

Ah…Glenn Miller. “Pardon me boy…”

Is Sex And The City making new episodes? I coulda sworn they cancelled that.


I need a photo for this one. :slight_smile:

Make sure it’s taken from the right perspective. :stuck_out_tongue:

Seriously, your cats saved you from making a HUGE fashion mistake. THank them, don’t be mad at them.

Oy vey is meir!


You can’t argue that she doesn’t have good taste in shoes – the cat * ate * it.

You may have a point there. I retract my previous statement. :wink:

I’m a bit of a shoe hogg as well - when I got my puppy the first thing I taught him was that he could do pretty well anything, but if he went anywhere near my shoes, I would be making him into a hairy little puppy bedroom slipper.

The shoes have remained unscathed. :smiley:

Bingo! As in “pardon me, boy, is that the cat that chewed your new shoes” sung to the tune of Chatanooga Choo Choo. (yeah, yeah, it’s a really bad joke…)

I wish! They’re cheap Jimmy Choo wanna-be’s…

Yep, the shoes are flashy (I’ve recently conquered my fear of pink). I was hoping they would so distract the fabulous gay men (who all have jobs like “personal shopper” at Saks) from the fact that my entire wardrobe is from Target… :wink:

And I was incredibly worried that I’d open this thread this morning and it’d be full of people excorating me for worrying about shoes when there are people starving in Africa. (not that I don’t worry about people starving and africa and other things like the guilt-ridden liberal I am, I just really liked these shoes, dang it…)

I’ll do it for you…

How? How could you do it? Feeding your new Choos to the kitty when there are starving, barefoot children all over the world who are well, starving and barefoot! You are so horribly insensitive…you should have sent those shoes to the poor children, who could have then chosen to either eat them or wear them. You are evil. You deserve to be the subject of a Chick Tract.

How was that?

BTW, you shoes sound (well, sounded) cute. Are they reparable?

This thread has inspired me to ask a question I’ve always wondered about, over in IMHO … I invite you to

Why would you pay so much for a pair of shoes?

Please pardon my vast ignorance on this topic.