So if you were recasting BREAKING BAD with Muppets....

Janice (Electric Mayhem) as Wendy S. the prostitute.

I thought Declan sounded like Rowlf, so I might go that way. And what about Fozzie as Saul?

I think Fozzie could bring the humor, but I can’t imagine him genuinely being in touch with guys like Gus and Mike and other “really bad” guys. Which I can Rowlf, therefore I have to go with him for Saul. Sorry.


Makes sense. I just think Fozzie’s ingratiating, uncomfortable attempts to be funny translate as Saul-ness somehow. And I’m going to join the Kermit as Gus camp. You can picture him reacting to the nursing home explosion by walking out of the room, adjusting his tie, and saying “Sheesh!” before he expires.

I was going to go back and suggest this, but you beat me to it. “Tuco tweak now! Blue meth! Blue meth! AAAAH!”

I’ll go ahead and say the creepy, silent Mexican twins should both be played by Sweetums.

I think Mahna Mahna would be the perfect Declan.

Slightly miscast, but I think Sam the Eagle plays Walt Jr. Stalwart, dependable, completely oblivious…

If half his face was blown off, I wonder if you could see the hand inside.

I see Gonzo as Gus, mainly because he’s the most appropriate actor to hang out at “Pollos”.

Mildred Huxtetter as Marie.