So I'm a Steam junkie (anticipated releases/wish lists)

After pre-ordering Dragon Age: Origins on Steam, I made the mistake of browsing other upcoming Steam releases, and my wallet is going to take a big hit for this foolishness (as well as my already paltry free time).

Borderlands (Oct 26): FPS with Role Playing elements (character classes/progression), colorful and stylized art direction (despite taking place in a wasteland), dark frontier/apocalyptic humor, and up to 4-player co-op mode, Left4Dead style. I’m totally sold.

Eufloria (Oct 20): RTS using procedurally-generated 2D graphics and a completely original soundtrack; it’s like waging war with fractals. Indie developer, so it’s cheap, to boot! (15 bucks) I feel like I should be high on something when I get around to playing this game.

Machinarium (Released Oct 16): Adventure game from another indie company, stylized steampunkesque 2D graphics and what seems to be a neat soundtrack if the trailer music is also the game music. It looks to have classic adventure-genre twisted humor, with plenty of brain puzzles to progress. Since it’s indie, this one’s also relatively cheap! (20 bucks)

So, Doper gamers, what other goodies are you drooling over? (doesn’t have to be Steam – that just happened to be my method)

Didn’t realize the trailer for Machinarium wasn’t on their website. Youtube trailer:

I found most of the indie games on Steam either hit or miss, depending on the player. For example, I got Trine,and I love it to death. Some reviewers panned it for not being as original as Braid, but I am bored to death with Braid.

The same for QuantZ - and Osmos. The latter is one of the most frustrating game ever.

That said, KoTR (original) going for 9.99 is sweet. I picked up some old games (Disciples 2) and Titan Quest/Immortal Throne at a cheap, cheap price. I bought Majesty 2 off it just to get Majesty Gold (and guess what, I think the 2D version is superior than the 3D buggy soulless one).

Anticpated release: 28th Oct, Torchlight by Runic Games. I was looking forward to see how Mythos would turn out, but thanks to the asshat management at Flagship, the IP of the game got lost in the legal whirlwind. It would be interesting to see if Torchlight could be a fun Diablo 2-lite.

I just found out about Dragon Age on Steam’s advertisement page. I think I want. I’m a little nervous on preordering a $55 game without knowing how good it’s going to be (it looks like it’ll be awesome but then again so did The Witcher) so I’m still debating it at the moment.

L4D2… “Pills here!”

l4d2, dragon age, and borderlands are all pre-ordered already. There are a few others I’ll pick up if they go on sale for one of the weekend specials too.

I was going to pick up Modern Warfare 2 as well, but the recent developments vis-à-vis the lack of dedicated servers and mods has made me take a wait and see attitude. I seriously don’t understand that move from a PC gaming perspective.

To be honest, I don’t buy many PC games outside of steam. Every once in a while, I’ll get something off of Direct 2 Drive if it’s not on Steam. But I can’t remember the last PC game I bought elsewhere. I’ve boycotted Gamestop for years because they effectively stopped selling PC games unless you pre-order them.

Another Steam plug from me:

Assassin’s Creed for $5 until Thursday through Steam. I’ve never played it, and I’ve heard both hot and cold reviews from my friends. But for $5, I’ll take the chance!

I just downloaded the demo for Machinarium and I like it so far, but I do have one issue.

I’m only about four or five “screens” in the game, but it plays more like a puzzle game than an adventure one. Each screen so far is completely self-contained. It’s like “solve this screen’s puzzle using the items, environment, and so forth, then go to the next one.” But like I said I’m only four of five screens in, and it is a demo, so maybe it changes later to being more adventure-y.

If you’ve played Samorost or its sequel (both free), then you may recognize Machinarium’s design.

WTH? Creed for $5!?

off to Steam

This is why I like Steam. You can get old games at cheap-ass games.

Bringing back an old thread but oh wel. Steam is the best thing to happen to gaming in a very long time. I love being able to buy games online and not need to get them shipped.

They have great sales every week. You just can’t beat a game for $5.

I just bough Deus Ex a few weeks ago but they have games that go back way further then that. They even have Doom available for heaven’s sake!

Plus they have packaged deals at discounted prices. The ID super pack gives you 22 of their games for a total of $70.

And I never have to search for CDs again. Everything is available for download whenever I want it.

The crappy thing about steam is that popular games that came out within the last two years are way overpriced. Grand Theft Auto IV is still $50 on steam but $19.47 NEW at Amazon. Sometimes they let you activate boxed games on steam so that you can install again without finding your DVDs (e.g. Orange Box), but other times you cannot. The price difference is not worth this service.

Punching in the CD Key for Counter Strike let me download it from Steam. Not sure if it’s the same for other games though.

Yeah seems to be maybe Valve games only. Bioshock and Fallout 3 didn’t work.