So I'm a "Youtuber" . . .

I got my first tech job and am on bench status. Since I’ve not got anything in the way of job duties right now, and because I want to establish tangible evidence of doing something worthwhile (in case I get laid off and need to find another job), I’ve started a Youtube channel.

From experience, writing about things and teaching them is a great way to practice and deepen one’s understanding of a subject, so I’ve created Cajun Coding as a way to improve my programming and give back to the tech community, especially those newest to it who may have little or no knowledge of programming. I’ve been working through the Java exercises from, accompanied with my commentary on programming concepts, Java conventions, and my logic regarding the problem at hand.

I’d appreciate any of the teeming millions who wished to check it out. Views and subs are nice, but constructive criticism is even more appreciated as it allows me to improve, whether the channel itself or myself as a developer.

OK, I do not know anything about coding but I watched some of, one of, your episodes at random. I thought it was pretty well done.

At least for my eyes, it was hard to read the small print. I imagine you want to show the overall interface you are working with but zooming in when you type something might be beneficial to the viewer. Or perhaps, that would be too much editing work.

If I were you, I would post these videos to coding forums and related subreddits. You might get some more views that way.

Good luck and congrats on getting a new job.

Thanks! I appreciate the feedback. I found this myself watching a playback and have started to zoom in a bit for the latest videos to help with that.

The fact that you don’t have any experience with coding really helps, since this is the target audience. I mean to start at the beginning.