So I'm going to Nashville...

Well, to a small town in Wilson County for work next week.

I used to live there, and there are things that I have to do during the day, but what’s new there to do at night? I lived there in 1997-1998, so I imagine there have been some changes.

Any ideas, new restaurants, etc? Just out of curiosity, ya know?

Let’s see - right now in Middle Tennessee the daffodils are blooming and so are the Bradford pears. Calves and foals are being born. Other than that it’s pretty boring.

There’re nothing but small towns in Wilson County. Are you going to be in Lebanon? It’s grown a lot. I could hardly find my eye doctor the last time I was there. I don’t get to Wilson County much, but, of course, Nashville’s only a hop, skip and jump away. Not that that’s a lot to say. There’s the new mall at Opryland - you know they took out the park? Elton John and Billy Joel are playing here soon, as is Eric Clapton. Same old stuff, otherwise.


yep, Lebanon.

Yeah, I managed to get tickets for Elton John and Billy Joel here in Atlanta. I figured it’d be about the same thing. I’m just going to be heading into Nashville at least one night(to see some friends) and maybe at least one other night, to take my co-worker into town. I think he needs to see the batman building, cause he never has. Beyond that, I’m stuck. Guess it also depends on how late I have to work each day.

Thanks St.Germain. :slight_smile:

visited America 2 years ago, drove to Nashville. Went to the NASCAR cafe, (they f*cked up a simple cheeseburger order) saw Henry Rollins perform, went to a suburb that begins with the letter F to a restaurant who’s apparent mission statement includes “see if you can get Dr.Pinky to explode for kicks,” went to Easter service at my sister’s church. Now, I’m as irrationally anti group praise as the next fella, & this may seem an odd recommendation, but apparently there’s some kick ass house bands in Nashville churches.

Went to a civil war site in the middle of a tornado.

Won’t go back, but it was kinda cool when I was there.

Lsura, there’s a great Irish pub on 2nd Avenue, if you’re into that. Not Seanachie’s, but a small hole-in-the-wall place, who’s name I can’t remember. They have live music and Guinness and darts upstairs. It’s on 2nd Avenue, up from Broad.