So, I'm leaving for Europe tomorrow...

Well, this year, my Christian school’s annual missions trip is a two-week tour of Eastern and Central Europe (namely, Austria, Hungary, Romania, and Germany). This year, the senior orchestra (I play violin) and choir are going to be performing at different concert halls and “preaching the Word of God through our music.” Yup, so after eight months of fundraising, prayer, hard work, laughs and tears, we’re finally leaving tomorrow. I can’t believe it.

When the project was announced last May, I thought, ‘Wow, I’m definitely going. But, it’s such a long way off.’ But, here we are and I can’t believe we made it. Three weeks ago, the entire team said, “Oh, it’s in three weeks. Plenty of time.” It came galloping towards us like an insane horse and it just hit us full-on. I just still can’t believe it. Wish us luck, everyone.

That sounds like so much fun! Have a great time and enjoy the trip!


have a great time!

Enjoy yourself and bring a raincoat. It’s pretty wet over here this weekend. Austria and Germany are super places to visit. Munich is a fantastic city. Visit Oberammergau if you get a chance. Even an atheist like me was impressed by the scale of the operation.

I’m glad I’m in western Europe so I’m well clear of the preaching. :slight_smile:

Enjoy it, lady. I know what it’s like when the reality suddenly hits and you find yourself thinking, “Oh my God! I’m actually going!!” Enjoy yourself. I know it’s a cliche, but this is the sort of thing you’ll always remember, and it is the sort of thing I advise grabbing onto with both hands and enjoying it while it lasts. Even the things which go wrong will make good stories.



Thanks, everyone. I’m leaving for the airport in about two hours and my stomach is churning so much I could practically make butter. I’m sure we’ll have loads of fun, even though I’m going to miss the school’s high school retreat. It’s going to be a great experience. Thanks! :slight_smile:

Keep us posted. And be better behaved in Eastern Europe than I am. :wink:

Aaaaaaaaaaand I’m back, everyone!!! Did you all miss me? Boy, the trip was so awesome! All the cities and countries and people and sights were all so beautiful. I shopped like crazy and I met so many new people! It was such a deep spiritual and cultural experience for me. I love Vienna, Budapest, and Salzburg. But, so much drama happened, especially with people’s spiritual lives. I’m horribly jetlagged and I should be asleep by now, so I’m off to bed. When I get back, I’ll update you a little more. I can’t think properly at the moment. Later!

First time in Europe and you met so many new people? How surprising. :smiley: