so, i'm transferring. . . again

I attended Baylor University (in Waco, TX) as soon as i graduated high school, and i went there for two years. It was stiffling to say the least, very baptist, very homogenous, and to say the least it wasn’t hard to decide to leave. Why did i go there in the first place you ask? well, i wanted somewhere not to far from home (only somewhat tentative to leave, mostly i had a boyfriend i didn’t want to be far from and a list of bad influences i wanted to be “far enough” away from.
Now i attend Runtgers University in Downtown Newark. yup, i got that comletely new and different place i thought i wanted but i am miserable here. I don’t like the big city like i thought i would. . . and everything that comes with it really. So now i am leaving again, because if i don’t i fear i might leap out my 15th story window to a hard, cold, concrete induced death :eek: but really i’m trying to take into consideration my severe social anxiety (where can i make friends easier), educational value (where would i learn more and make better grades? they are comparable schools as far as ratings go), and entertainment value (what would be more fun)

So, I am considering three options:
University of Oklahoma- aaaah, the draw of the hometown (norman, OK). this is where my family wants me. but those bad influences lurk all too near me there.
University of Colorado at Boulder- a nice school, university town, closer than Newark to Norman, beautiful campus, but my anxiety holds me back. will i really be happier there?
University of Kansas- Lawrence is but 4 hours from Norman (I think). just as close as Baylor to home, but no obnoxious greek-infested campus. really this one is in last place, safe option, good school. . .

I hope to attend this school to finish my degree (marketing) and get my masters (MBA) so we’re looking at quite an investment, although i suppose i could change again. . . ok, so just concentrate on the undergrad for now. thanks in advance for the disinterested thoughts on the subject :slight_smile:

For what it’s worth, I’d address this anxiety issue with a counselor. Why? Because it will follow you for the rest of your life, in all aspects of your life. Get rid of the anxiety & your choices will be easier & most likely more beneficial. Out of your prospective locale choices, I’d pick CO. Best of luck!

Dear, don’t scare me like that. I hope you were being just a bit melodramatic.

Well, then I read the rest of your post. If that’s the sum of what you’re considering, I’d say UC Denver. But let me just get in a little rah-rah for a great place - UT Austin. Worked for me.

Sounds like you want to change schools more for social reasons than anything else. But whatever problems you have, you’ll probably carry them with you wherever you transfer to. So many people feel that if they change locales, their problems will vanish. However, the same person will be looking back at you in the mirror, with all the same baggage.

Why not just stay put & focus on the real reason you’re there: Education?!?! You didn’t say anything negative about your classes, so I assume they’re OK. Just tough it out, get your degree & then you can move anywhere you want!

It seems like you’re already getting into a pattern of when you’re unhappy, you just drop everything and move. And then after a while your unhappiness creeps back up on you & you want to move again. Don’t let this become a habit…you don’t want to live your life like this!

I suggest you get yourself to a counselor & find out what the real source of your unhappiness is.

You know I like what I’ve been hearing from these guys. I have been trying to tell you for a long time now that where you are isn’t what is going to make you happy. To quote the great and wise Me “Far away places always seem like a good solution until you get there and realize you brought yourself along.” But I know how you feel about Newark so I won’t give you a hard time about moving anymore. My recomendation is Colorado. You know Norman is no good. Way too many bad influences. You know how people like us get in Norman. Kansas doesn’t sound bad but you would most likely be bored way to much. You already know my opinion on this but i thought I’d post it here to remind you. Whatever you decide you have my support. :wink:

I went to SMU and wouldn’t recommend it to anyone with social anxieties but you might want to check out the Unversity of North Texas in Denton. Big enough for some variety, fairly close to Norman, very close to Dallas, and very friendly. Don’t know about the greek infestation there though.

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I get the impression that UC-Boulder really gives you the opportunity to live the good life, and I suspect it’s a place tolerant of difference. Work on the anxiety thing, of course, but I think it’s your top choice of those listed. It also has a little more cachet, I think.