So is the Duchess of Cambridge pregnant again or what?

Some gossip rag I saw at the checkout says Kate is pregnant again and it’s a girl. Sez who?

I have not heard anything anywhere else, not even gossip. My supervisor at work says she is but the palace hasn’t announced it yet, which is what all the other news outlets are waiting for.

So what have you heard?

I know, a valuable discussion of one of the most important issues of the day… :rolleyes: :wink:

Based on gossip rags, she’s been continually pregnant since about 2006.

According to the rag she’s not only pregnant with a girl, but they’re going to name her Diana.

But then all of the rags say that Camilla is an alcoholic plotting to murder the Queen.

And that the Obamas are getting a divorce.

Kate would be NUTS to get pregnant again, after what she had to go through to have George. The chances that she would have hyperemesis again is enormous. :frowning:

But she’s obligated to produce a “spare” isn’t she?

I know you don’t mean this 100% sincerely, but even if you did, why? The line of people to inherit the throne is thousands of people long.

The monarchy will survive just fine if she stops with Prince George.

Zev Steinhardt

An heir is again apparent?

Unless your occupation is receptionist at the Royal Obstetric and Gynecological Clinic, I cannot fathom why you think your boss would have any advanced knowledge of her condition.

Everything I’ve read about William and Kate says they are keen to give George a brother or sister at some point. I don’t know much about hyperemesis gravidarum, but in Kate’s case it did not threaten her life and I believe she was fine once she got into her second trimester. I think she’s willing to take the risk.

Her life is a sunny spot under magnifying glass every day of the week. If she can raise a family in that, good for her.
Personally, anything past living her entire life and not throwing open a window on occasion to scream at the lens-jackals to “F-ck Off!” seems like gravy.

Oh no, not Bill and Kathy again… :slight_smile:

I didn’t say I believed her. I thought it was funny that she had an opinion on this (I wouldn’t count her as any kind of royal-watcher.). :smiley:

I would personally be unwilling to take that kind of risk. Anyway, it’s a decision only they can make, and it’s always possible that another disease state was a factor.

My SIL met several of the criteria for HG during her first pregnancy :frowning: but was never officially diagnosed because she never became dehydrated. Right after the baby was born, she was discovered to have gallstones, which run strongly in her family, and had her gallbladder removed. Her second pregnancy was MUCH easier, and we all think this may be why.