So, it seems I'm gonna move this summer. . .

In a nutshell, my Bomb Squad hopes and dreams are temporarily pushed back a rotation. (I’m still going EOD, but am taking a slight detour.) To fill (what I had hoped) would only be a year’s time, I volunteered for a quick tour somewhere: either a remote or a special duty. I heard from personnel. . .

819th RED HORSE Sqn: which (I hate to slander anyone with this comparison :wink: ) are the Air Force’s version of the Navy Seabees.

I’m actually kinda pumped up about this:
[li]I finally get the hell out of Minot. I can’t take this town anymore[/li][li]While I may be “living” in Great Falls, and my stuff will be stored there, I’ll be bouncing around the globe too much . . .[/li][/list=1]

So, help me get smart about Great Falls. I’m thinking I may just plunk down a few bucks and buy a small fix-it-upper house. Maybe I’ll get an apartment. How big is the town? Is the hunting and fishing really as good as everyone says it is? Is Glacier NP too far away for a weekend trip? How 'bout Missoula and Billings?

Is there a local Doper chapter in Great Falls? Man, my monthly dues are way past due. [sub]I just hope I remember the double-secret handshake.[/sub]

Moving around July, methinks.